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Love stabs the heart.
Well there's always those friends that are always there when you need them they are your shoulder to cry on, your arms to hold you when your scared. The ones if you ever lost them you'd just have to kill yourself because you literally couldn't live with out them.... Life gives us the most unfair circumstances, they see the pain in your eyes and how much you long for him, you wonder if he realizes you love him. Or would he even care to even act upon it does it even matter to anyone but you? Will you ever live in peace without having to constantly struggle and cry? Life is nothing but pain, love, and war. They say all is fair in love and war... No screw that its never fair what so ever it freaken sucks!!!!!!!! Then when you think your the only one hopelessly in love and it all it will ever be......... Thats when you see that certain look he gives you when your not looking, the way he searches for you in the all. He st-udders when he talks to you. You slowly realize your not the only one down on your knees begging for happiness you both are in love.

But where do you go from there. You stand up off your knees, and help him up. And wrap your arms around him and kiss the lips of his for the first time, and it lets you breath, it takes away the chains of pain and sorrow.
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