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Larxene and Roxas deal with a disturbance in Twilight Town
Larxene and Roxas were sitting on the edge of the Twilight Town clock tower and they had just finished watching a beautiful sunset. Then as the sun’s last gleaming ray shined over the horizon. As blackness started to cover the sky Larxene loosened her hug on Roxas.

“Well, guess it’s time to RTC,” she whispered in his ear.

With that Larxene opened a dark corridor and she and her new boyfriend returned to The Castle That Now Is. When they emerged into the Grey Area, Saix reprimanded them for being out so late unauthorized and demanded to know why they had returned past curfew. The only answer he got was the blunt end of one of Larxene’s knives to the arm and a retort that there was no curfew since Nobodies no longer had to hide in the shadows.

Larxene and Roxas then headed to their rooms, which were right across the hall from each other because their rooms were organized by number. Just as she was about to close the door to her room she said, “Goodnight Roxas, see you in the morning,” while several other members of the Organization were within earshot.

When Larxene closed her door she could hear several groans of “lucky bastard,” being sent in Roxas’s direction. These Roxas ignored and he closed the door to his room as well. In his bed Roxas at first started thinking about what life would be like with Larxene as his girlfriend. These thoughts however, were soon crowded out by thoughts about what he had purchased from the moogle that day and whether or not he wanted to be in a situation where he would have to use it.

The next morning Roxas headed down to the Grey Area to see if there were any missions that had to be done. When he asked Saix he got a reply that surprised him.

“Roxas, there has been a disturbance in Twilight Town and you are needed to investigate as you know the area the best,” Saix said, “What is certain is that massive quantities of heartless are gathering somewhere in the town and must be eliminated. Because of the sheer magnitude of the reading you are required to take one person of your choosing as backup.”

“On it,” Roxas said.

Roxas quickly found Larxene and the pair opened a corridor to Twilight Town. They emerged onto the balcony of the clock tower at Station Square. What they saw was a truly horrible sight. An entire army of Heartless of all types had completely encircled Twilight Town. Among the smaller Heartless at least 10 of every variation of giant Heartless were scattered at strategic points so that each giant rallied a section of the army. Finally at the very back of the south end of the ring stood a black figure. It was Sora’s Heartless, a creature born of hatred, violence, and agony as Xemnas ripped the heart from Sora’s chest and used it to make Kingdom Hearts complete. The Heartless’ numbers startled Larxene because through all her years in the organization she had never see this large of a gathering. However, when she turned to look at Roxas’s face she felt an emotion that was very rare to her. She felt the cold grip of fear, for on Roxas’s face was an expression that showed unimaginable rage. His eyes seemed to be set in stone and his mouth was twisted in a snarl. The source of this anger was that Heartless had come to destroy the only place where he truly felt at home. The expression on Roxas’s face was one she never wanted to see again. Before she could say a word Roxas jumped from the balcony into the middle of the army of Heartless. Immediately he whipped out his Keyblades and did a quick spin to clear the area around him.

Down on the ground Roxas pulled out two small panels from his pocket and popped them into his panel deck. One was a new gear type but the other was one that gave him the power to make his own brand of magic. As his Keyblades transformed into their new form a surge of incredible power burst through Roxas as a sunset-colored shockwave, which disintegrated the Heartless that had closed ranks around him. As the power ran through Roxas, his body arched and he screamed the word that summoned his new magic.


The shockwave burst forth again as his Keyblades finished transforming and his new energy consolidated and contained itself inside him. Oblivion had turned into what looked like a pitch black Kingdom Key that had chains wrapped around it and had Damnation inscribed on the hilt with even darker lettering. Oathkeeper had transformed into a pure white Kingdom Key with angel wing replacing the usual blade and Salvation was written on the hilt.

After marveling at the design of his new weapons for a split-second Roxas jumped into the mass of Heartless. He was instantly amazed by the power of his new swords. Wherever a sword touched Heartless the monsters dissolved into shadow and their hearts flew skyward. No Heartless could even get close to him, as all shapes and sizes died at the barest touch of his blades. Once every few seconds he would shout “Twilightara” and laser beams would shine forth from his blades in a manner similar to Xemnas’s Limit Break.

Up on the clock tower, Larxene would throw knives into the throng of Heartless whenever one seemed to be about to use a long ranged attack. Each said Heartless would dissolve clawing at the electrified knife in between their eyes. However, Roxas’s rout of the Heartless was not to last. When he approached one of the ten Dustfliers commanding a section of Heartless, the Dustflier disrupted his violent charge by doing an aerial backflip, which swung its mace-like tail into Roxas, instantly halving his HP. Then Roxas preformed an aerial recovery and landed on his feet. Then he summoned the strongest magic he had and shouted, “Twilightaga”. Pillars of light and shadow erupted from the ground and blazed through the Dustflier, killing it instantly.

From then on Roxas would attack Dustfliers from behind to avoid a similar attack and discovered an amazing power of the Damnation Keyblade. Whenever the black sword flashed through a Heartless instead of dissolving the sword would suck the Heartless into it and would use the dark energy to heal Roxas. Within an hour all the Heartless were gone except for one.

Anti-Sora glared at Roxas with its yellow, hate filled eyes. Wordlessly it raised its dark KeyBlade and pointed it towards Roxas. Then it fired off a blistering Ragnarok attack. This attack had obviously been highly developed because instead of light, a flurry of all the elements surged towards Roxas. While Roxas scrambled to avoid being hit Anti-Sora fired another blast high into the air.

On top of the tower Larxene had been watching Roxas fight and was worried about how things were going against the last of the Heartless. As she watched Anti-Sora’s opening attack she was wondering why it had fired the second round in such a high arc. It wasn’t until much too late that she realized that the blast was headed directly for her. She tried to jump from the tower but she was hit dead on and then the world went black.

Roxas heard the sound of the explosion and looked up towards the tower. He saw a large chunk had been blasted out of it. At first he didn’t get why Anti-Sora would attack the clock tower. Then he remembered that Larxene had been up in that tower. He let out a scream that started as anger but was quickly turned into agony as his ceased movement let the attack chasing him catch up and blast him head on.

Roxas was thrown through the air but he managed to hit the ground in a roll. He quickly got to his feet and then spoke in a calm but absolute tone.

“You have sealed your fate,” With that sentence the blue flash of a final limit being released enveloped Roxas. Glowing energy encased his keyblades and they temporarily became massive swords that were at least 10 feet long each. However, to Roxas they still weighed the same and worse for his enemy he had been granted superhuman strength and speed. He proceeded to whale on Anti-Sora with an incredibly fast onslaught. Then, as the second half of his final limit began, he stopped the onslaught and began gathering all his energy to his hand. When he was done he pointed at his foe and a blinding blast of both light and darkness spiraled towards Anti-Sora and struck him right where his heart should be. The monster was instantly blasted to nothingness, and Roxas walked to where Larxene’s unconscious body lay. He healed her major wounds with magic and then opened a dark corridor to The Grey Area.

When he returned he carried Larxene to her room and laid her down on her bed. Then he returned to The Grey area and walked up to Vexen.
“You want something Roxas?” was all the scientist had time to say before Roxas punched him across the room. As Vexen lay against the wall groaning, Roxas shouted at him.

“Get your fancy equipment fixed Jackass. That was no simple large gathering of Heartless, it was an entire army.”

At the words “entire army,” Saix frowned at Vexen, and Xemnas, who had made one of his rare appearances in the Grey area, shook his head at Vexen. Then Roxas sat down on one of the couches and pulled a book from one of the shelves and started reading, and waiting for his girlfriend to recover in her room.
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