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by Jorden
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To a confused girl friend of mine

I remember holding her hand, feeling her pulse against mine. Trying to see what she truly wanted from us. Us men can be thoughtless and careless.
Now dont completely blame us. Look at the time we live in. What does TV show us, what do people around pro trey to us. She once told me that nothing could re fix the damage that was done. Saying that this was all there was to us. That this was all that would ever be to her. Nothing more, yet always leaving room for something less. I didn't have the words to tell her at the time, but now I do. To all the men in the the world and all the women left behind. I would say that to get what you want out of us, you have to show that your expecting it. I would recommend that you always search for more than whats there. Shoot for the never ending sky. Know your self worth. Know that your a unique pattern in the blanket of the world that we are all in. Never settle for any less than what you deserve.

I know your father never showed you any of this. I know that a true image of a man has been distorted by the world. Well I want to tell you that there is something more to us than what you can see. More than what you've seen in the media and school. Please don't accept what doesn't satisfy you. Because what you and so many other people don't see, is that it starts with you. Men will never respect you til you respect yourself. Men cannot love you like you want them to, til you love yourself. Remember that our view on women has been distorted just as much and perhaps even more. "Don't look for the right person, be the right person." More to that saying than meets the mind. I would tell you all of this so you can see things the way I do. How I really see you, as a man.

So before you pass quick judgement, or just say you don't matter and settle for less than what was meant for you. Remember who you are, know yourself. Love who you are. Aim higher than whats around you. Come to terms with yourself and what you really want in life. Before you blame all guys that have hurt you. Look at yourself. What were you looking for? What did you want from guys? How did you feel about yourself? Don't you think that you deserve more than to be mistreated by those guys? In the end, you have to show people around you what you want from them. Things can be distorted and confusing. The best way to clear things up and see better in life, is to be assured and clear with who you are. You have to start with you. Thats where it all begins. If you do, then what you want and expect will come your way. Back then I didn't know. Now I know there is more to us and you. I'm going to show everyone that, I hope you can to.

By-Jorden Jones- Distortion
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