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Your sins will be payed
I. Tall and wistful he stands,

II. The blood on his hands, your sins

III. With your lies he will make truths,

IV. and with those truths the lies shall dim,

V. Yet toward his kingdom a lengthy rode,

VI. not yet worthy, to hear his word

VII. You too shall stay in this place,

VIII. the middle world they say,

IX. yet in between this world his gates visible,

X. Do not chant yet for dark is near

XI. the gulf of black engulf your fear,

XII. Your still and weary, yet numb and cold

XIII. you know your path, denial you sold

XIV. to he the mirror of death

XV. your future, your path, is halfway met

XVI. your violence, and sins will soon be payed

XVII. in his world of deep dismay,

XVIII. you see those gates so mighty and high

XIX. yet know your pass to thy kingdom, denied

XX. Oh poor you, you think to him

XXI. no pity on your soul now, my weakened friend

XXII. you knew what would happen when choosing this path

XXIII. now face our king as he shows you his RATH
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