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An Eyestar mission

I used to think that MODS
were the best of the best on pedistal high
I was so in awe of them--
write 'em a review? Nah, I'll pass it by!

Intimidated? My gosh, yes
scared to death of their high blue-ness

Then came the day that I turned blue
and didn't the black cases change their view!
I'm still just me; I'm still just Fyn--
I'm the same me I've always been!

Only now folks were intimidated by me!
It'd come full circle don't you see!

So my greatest challenge and greatest joy
was in being a mentor; being color-blind,
able to teach, or edit or write
with any writer of like mind.

Case is merely a measure of time
and being involved verses able to rhyme!

Being a bluecase means the world
I love writing newsletters, being a judge,
yet still sometimes I see the awe
and honestly--I think, 'Oh fudge!'

But blues have POWER; yeah, what a joke
we still plod along wearing writer's yoke!

Sure we've been here now quite a while
we know the ropes that haven't changed
we stll have questions--don't know it all,
we still have words to rearrange!

Blue is a color, an honor, a rank
and SM for that I'll always thank!

Part of me thinks we blues are special:
we worked our buts off to get where we are
I can't imagine the work behind
someone crossing the purpled bar!

Funny how the awe still lingers
at purples and reds I point my finger!

One of the merit badges that means the most to me
is the Mentor one; and I'll tell you why.
That someone feels I've helped that much
gives me pause and makes me cry.

I always try to be what I want to receive;
tis the way to be, I believe.

So that is my challenge and my joy
being a mentor and honoring blue--
We're a special group with much to offer
and I'm humbled to share it with all of you!
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