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Rated: E · Fiction · Emotional · #1854162
A story of love, betrayal, hope, and magic
                                  Rusty The Last Unicorn

Once upon a time in a land far, far, away , a land called Enchantment, there lived Rusty, the very last of the unicorns. Rusty was not unhappy for Enchantment was a magnificent land. There were flowers and trees that did not grow in other places, for Enchantment was a mystical, magical land.
      The woodland creatures were Rusty’s friends so he was not really lonely. His best friend was a little rabbit named  Mickey . Mickey was full of energy and advice all the time. There was seldom a dull moment with Mickey around.
      Rusty was solid white with a long glittering mane and tail that cascaded in wavy locks that glistened in the sunlight. He had clear, blue eyes that shone with the secrets of his very soul. In the center of Rusty’s forehead there was a large, luminous horn, the lucky horn of the unicorn. Rusty failed to see the horn as lucky for it was the reason unicorns had been hunted and killed for years. Here in Enchantment he was safe however, the lone survivor.
      One day as Rusty wondered Enchantment with Mickey rambling on and on at his side he wonder upon a clear aqua pool of water. There standing just under the falls was a sight he had never seen before. A breath taking beautiful princess. She had dark hair that hung down past her hips in a long braid, her eyes were a deep blue and her voice sang sweeter than any bird Rusty had ever heard.
      Rusty and she talked for several hours. She carefully climbed upon his back and  they went through all Enchantment  they were lost in it’s beauty and in each other. Minutes turn to hours, hours, to days, days, to weeks, weeks to months, time past as time will. The princess grew sad and Rusty could not bare it.
      “What troubles you so my heart? “ Rusty ask her
        “ I long to return to my land, my home. There is a wizard there I wish to see.” she told Rusty softly
Rusty became sullen, when she fell into a fitful sleep that night he went to his task . He walled all of Enchantment, with high, unyielding walls. When the princess woke she saw the walls and wept. This was to much for Rusty to bare he walked away going back to the pool of water where they had meant.
      “Rusty?” Mickey approached him “Look at her, she grows sadder, weaker, her heart is dying Rusty. If you truly love her you must return her to her home.”
Rusty broke down into tears, for he knew Mickey was right. He worked long and hard taking down the wall. As dusk fell he had his princess climb upon his back and he took her back to her land.  When Rusty returned to Enchantment he lay down and did not move. Time past as time will, and soon Mickey had had enough.
      “Rusty, look at you! All of Enchantment is Weeds! The land is a disgrace, almost as bad as you. You are dirty and you smell bad as well!” Mickey yelled at his friend.
Rusty took a long look around him and discovered Mickey was right. Why would anyone wish to be here? This land and he were a disgrace! Rusty worked until Enchantment shone like magic once more. Then he worked on himself until he was almost as good as he had once been. Rusty then went back to the pool where he had met his princess.
        Rusty could not breath, his heart stopped! There before stood a fantastically, beautiful, black, female unicorn. But how? He was the last, the only. She turned to him and smiled.
      “ My heart “ She said
      “Princess? How? “ he ask
      “ The wizard, I love you so my heart. Alas, you were the last unicorn. I could not ask you to change for me. I needed the wizard, so that we could be together forever. I would have returned sooner, but you had to believe in me, in us, for me to come home.” she explained
        “US, now that is magic Princess,” Rusty said with a warm happy smile.
They galloped off through Enchantment side by side, together, Rusty and his Princess, tighter Forever .

All thing are possible if you dare to believe.

dedicated to those who  always believe in me even when I can not find it in me to believe in myself.
© Copyright 2012 HisBabyYCW (hisbabyycw at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1854162