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by Siren
Rated: GC · Short Story · Adult · #1856752
Missing some one you love makes you realize your needs.
    The clock read two a.m. and again, I couldn't sleep. The sweltering night has consumed me with sweat. It had been a week since my husband and I had spent any time together from all the overtime he had been putting in. Hoping he would come home early was some thing I had given up on. Knowing I also had to work, in an attempt to rest, I closed my eyes. Within minutes I envisioned my body being encircled by fire. The flames of passion and desire created by the heat of our bodies meshed in torrid intercourse, teasingly molested my mind.

    A noise brought my attention to the bedroom door. I could see his silhouette, naked in the moonlight from a near by window. My entire body ached, craving his touch.  Between my thighs I felt hot, wet juices trickle down toward the sheets while my femininity seemed to cry out his name.

    "Feed me, fill me the way only you can." I murmured, yielding to my own desires.

    "Tell me what you want." he said standing steadfast.

"I want to feel your fiery passion, burn from flames of desire." I whispered, remembering my thoughts and desperately trying to sound seductive.

    Moving with the grace of an apparition, he comes to the edge of the bed. I felt like mush beneath his soft lips as he spread my legs open. His knowing tongue darts, lapping at the sensitive skin of my inner calves, up my thighs. He slides his hands under my ass. With a tight grip he draws me closer.

    "What do you want?" he asks in a low gentle voice.

    "I want it to last, make it feel like forever." I begged

    I reach for him, to guide him to my needs. Purposely he moves away, then back again. Ever so lightly I  fondle his sack back and forth across my fingers. I raise my lips to his chest, nibbling at his skin like a fish at feeding time. He feels warm, I taste his salty flesh. Gliding one finger up and down his hard long shaft, another, wet from my mouth traces circles around the head. Firmly I close my hand around his erection with a milking motion.

    He rolls over to open himself to my own ways of manipulation. Towering over him, on my knees, I run my fingers through his thick rain soaked hair. I lean down to suck on his ear lobe as I softly whisper. "I want you."

    Meticulously I kiss an outline, starting with just a brush meeting of our lips, down his chin and throat. Without warning, a timid breeze waltzed though the room sending a rush sensation across our skin.

    "How perfect." I thought as the rain began to dance on the roof.

    Sitting up, my hands firmly encompasses his now throbbing muscle and tight sack. Ever so tender, I caress him against my inner thigh and over my wet warm bush. Covering him with my hot, wet readiness, I slide down to lick it off with long soothing strokes. He moans as I take his full length inside my throat. Fast and furious, then slower and deeper, I tighten my lips around him, sucking like a child to mothers milk. Reaching the top I flick my tongue teasingly with my mouth open, as I jerk him off with a massaging touch.

    He grabs my breasts, pulling them into his mouth, siphoning my nipples, burying his face in my fleshy mounds. Sliding his other hand down my stomach to where hunger pulsates with every beat of my heart. Seizing me like a cat stretching it's paws in and out, he pulls at me roughly then releases only to pull again. As I look into his eyes, he asks with more force, again.

    "What do you want?"

    Lost in ecstasy, my words would not come. He buries his face between my legs, consuming me as a ravenous beast, crazed with hunger. I could feel his teeth tugging at my most sensitive spots. His lips pull at my burning flesh. Hot and insanely delirious with lust, I didn't think I could take much more

    "What do you want?" he asks in a demanding brusque voice.

    "YOU!" I screamed. "I want you, inside, fill me." I breathlessly panted.

    I feel his tongue take one last long hard stroke, slowly through my opened

womb. His teeth clamp down on the core of my intensity before letting go. I squeal, relishing at the delicate pain he inflicts. He guides my trembling body down. My hand, now moist with the slick lotion of feverish lust, I grab him, pulling him into my cavern, glistening in the dim light.

    I plant my legs aside his hips, sliding his pulsating rod inside the depths of my avarice cove. We move in harmonic rhythm. I feel the friction of his strength and power beating the inner walls where I hunger for his wanton desire. With the precision of  the master that he is, he rolls me over, never loosing touch with the fire we created.

    His body, driven by animal instincts, plunges inside with controlled force, slower, deeper, again and again.

    Lightening from the storm illuminates the room as my blood boils to a feverish climax. Thunder echoes as he explodes his seed like a raging volcano, taking us to a new rhapsody of heightened experience.

    We lay together, sweat covered bodies entwined in fulfillment. Basking in the aroma of love and pleasure, I open my eyes.

    "Wouldn't it be wonderful if he was here?" I thought with my arms around my pillow. "But what a hellish wet dream." I said to an empty room, and lay my head down to rest once again.
© Copyright 2012 Siren (sirenmarlow at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1856752