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Useful things to know when playing Runescape.
Like most people who own or use a computer on a frequent basis, I play games. Sometimes it’s a basic game such as Solitaire. Other times it takes some strategy, and process of elimination, such as with Minesweeper. Of course, like with many, I like to play with other people.

In my case, my game of choice would be RuneScape. I found out about it a little over five years ago, when my cousins and step-siblings, and younger brother were playing it. Eventually, I formed an account and I played the game as often as I could when I was at my father’s. Problem was, I live with my mother, and the computer that we had at the time was something of a dinosaur, even for then, and it didn’t like the program that runs RuneScape, Java, for whatever reason. Thus my account sat inactive for well over three years. Of course, since I was just a Free Player, I didn’t lose anything that a Paying Player might have if their Membership ran out. Of course, when I finally got my current computer, I was able to download Java and I started playing the game again.

Needless to say, I was shocked by the changes that had occurred. First up, there was the Task System, in which one would do things, such as buy a crayfish cage from this shop, catch a crayfish at this pond, cut down a tree, build a fire, and then roast the crayfish, to get some money, and a few other things, from a man called Explorer Jack. Second, there were some new quests, such as exploring the Snow Lands and helping out a lovesick dwarf, which had replaced the Romeo and Juliet quest. Then there was Dungeoneering- exploring Daemonheim. Needless to say, there were plenty of changes. One of the best changes, for those who like to mine or cut down trees is the fact that hatchets and pickaxes no longer lose their heads- useful if you’ve got hatchets and pickaxes that are of a higher level than steel.

Eventually, I managed to get through all of the Free-to-Play Quests, but those Tasks, they are somewhat difficult to do. Prayer and RuneCrafting are the hardest skills to level up, low experience points given for those if you’ve never played the game. However, it can be a lot of fun, and very profitable, and beneficial in the long run, as Prayer allows you to give yourself temporary boosts while fighting, and RuneCrafting gives you access to free runes, at least for use in low level magic, namely the Rushes and a few debilitating spells.

Along the way, I’ve learned some things. I’ll share them with you, as they might be relevant to your own situation, even if you play another game, such as World of WarCraft or another MMORPG (or whatever it’s called).

1. Don’t give out your password to anyone, not even if they promise you Membership- I lost some Gold-Rune armor that way, and my rune items, money, and so on. Thankfully I had 40 Crafting, 40+ Mining, an Amulet Mold and a Holy Symbol Mold- made a bunch of unstringed amulets and holy symbols to get the 100K worth of coins to get the rune armor, scimitar, hatchet, and pickax from the Grand Exchange- doubt I’ll have the Gold-Rune armor again though- very expensive.

2. If you’re going to go to an area where there is a high chance that another player could kill you, such as in the Wilderness, purposefully wear low level armor and weapons, such as bronze, iron or plain leather. This way, if you are going through an area that’s full of Player Killers, most of them won’t look twice at you, as the armor and weapons would be worth at the most- 1k, mere pocket change, especially compared to some guy coming in wearing Dragon Armor to kill the Dragon King or some other such Boss monster. So, if you’re on a quest to slay something in a Wilderness area, keep the good stuff in your pack until you’re past the PKers.

3. If someone’s advertising a site, like runescapegold.com or some such thing, or otherwise trying to pull a scam, add them to your Block list- Saves you a headache when you’re trying to chat with someone and some bot’s trying to advertise a scammer’s site near you.

4. Try to balance your combat levels. Yes there are Pures who want just Attack, Range, Defense, Magic, or some other such thing, but because they have a high level in one area, they will be weak in another. A person with 99 Attack might be able to use a Dragon Scimitar, and hit the target a bunch of times, but with just 1 Strength, the hits will be fairly weak. Also, if the person’s defense is only 1, another person with 50 Attack, 50 Strength, and 50 Defense using a rune scimitar and rune armor could defeat the person, especially since they’ll have around a 50 Constitution.

5. Do all of the skills. Yes I know that using a small net to catch shrimp is far from exciting, but if you keep at it, you’ll be able to catch swordfish. Of course, since fish tends to taste better cooked, you best cook up a lot of shrimp to be able to cook swordfish. Also, you best be able to cut down trees and build fires, as an oven won’t always be available. Don’t forget to mine, smelt, and craft gold and silver items- plenty of money there.

6. Be careful who your friends are. Plenty of people get hacked on occasion and the hacker does things to get the player in trouble with others.

7. Set up a Pin for your bank account- preferably before you get hacked. When you log off, put everything in the Bank, including your money. This way, if someone manages to acquire your password, your stuff should be safe.

8. Know the locations of places, people, and things- useful for both tasks and quests, and for leveling up certain skills. Also, if you’re the sort that has the patience for Runecrafting, knowing the fastest way to get to the specific rune ruin you want helps.

9. Don’t go spamming/botting, you’ll get caught eventually.

10. Be respectful to everyone; just because you’re 15 years old, and can use Rune items, don’t go insulting someone who is ten or more years older than you- they might have been playing longer, and have a main account that has level 99 Attack, Strength, Constitution, Defense, Prayer, Summoning, Range, and all of the other combat stats, and have all of the equipment needed to use the skills to their fullest- meaning that you’d end up dead, if not worse, if they were to encounter you in Level 50+ Wilderness. Of course, if you were to insult an Administrator/Moderator, you could get banned.

11. Put your money in your money pouch and your basic tools in your tool belt- not only will you free up room in your bank, and in your inventory pouch, you won’t lose the items in them if you get killed- very useful when fishing and cooking in the Wilds, as all you’d need is a weapon, and two pieces of armor, and not start any fights, and you wouldn’t lose anything, except maybe whatever fish you caught.

12. Activate the Loadstones in every town that you can- useful for getting someplace in a hurry.

13. Do the Tasks- they’ll make you a nice amount of money, and give you some much needed items.

14. For Free Players, try to get your available skills as high as possible. That way, if you get Paid Membership, you’ll stand a better chance than a new player who got Membership the same day they joined, and you’ll be able to do Member things much more easily.

15. Do everything- general rule of thumb. Also, there is a nice item for those who do everything- a special cape.

16. Of course, there is one final rule- just have fun.
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