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For Dayo who asked, Fyn who will fly, and the other Angels among us who to dare to dream.
Tis Angel’s grace that here alighted,
Beneath the heavens mortal lie,
The dreams that tarry unrequited,
To Seraphim, a lullaby

A moonbeam settles, time’s reflection
Horizon blurred in deep caress,
A weary traveler sought protection
Beneath the heavens, acquiesced

Tis Angel’s grace that here consented
Bequeath this pilgrim deep repose,
And quantum leapt the soul quiescent,
With plumage bright the Phoenix rose.

Bathed by Orion, captives waken,
Where willows dance, refrain unleashed,
And homage but the price mistaken,
As brilliant soars the muse released.

Tis Angel’s grace we here imagine,
Horizon dressed to mediate,
Where seekers scent the richest jasmine,
And faith is wed to consummate.

Ambrosia sweet rests on the palate,
Where Sirens sleep their song a bed,
Beneath Olympus, requiescat,
Reborn the Bard with wings outspread.

Tis Angel’s grace that here alighted,
To quench the spirit, spent and railed,
Alas in sleep the gift is sighted,
To once more hear the nightingale.

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