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Just another poem.
I haven't solved it all
Watching, waiting to fall
He stares into my eyes
He won't win

Without my abilities
With everything layed out
I can't do anything now
Feeling so low,
Feeling so primitive,
I will win this one

He smirks at me,
Across the table
Debating, thinking, creating
Cheating as well
You won't win!

Your voice is heard,
My voice is lost,
But I know sometime
I will be heard
And when I am,
You better be worried,
For I will win this.

I see you for what you are,
Skeleton of fear,
Waiting to die,
With nothing to live for
You will fall

Your words are heard
I about scream at you
For you are a liar!
With nothing to win,
Nothing to gain,
But everything to lose
And I will win this

You may have won the battle
But I will win the war.
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