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What is it with nightmares?
His cold dead hands grabbed a hold of me. He opened his rotting jaw. I tried to scream, but was unable to. He lunged at me and- and at that moment, I woke up, drenched in a cold sweat. I was breathing heavily, and trying to calm myself. I also felt a certain need- the need to go use the bathroom, which is on the other side of the trailer I live in. I got out my bed, and found that I was still a little shaky. I managed to get out of my room, where, thanks to the dim light over the kitchen stove, I saw my first obstacle, the front door. Edging carefully down the hall, past my brother’s room, I got to the door with no problems. Grabbing a hold of the Maglite on the stand next to it, I turned on the flashlight, and opened the door- nothing was there. Breathing a sigh of relief, I closed the door, turned off the Maglite, put it back on the stand, and continued on down toward the bathroom. After passing the stove, and its dim light, I found myself in the second hall in the trailer- ahead of me is my mother’s and stepfather’s room, to my left is my destination, to my right is a small enclave containing the clothes washer and dryer, and the back door. Creeping along, I made it to the crossroads, as it were- parents’ room to the front, bathroom to the left, and of course, the back door to the right. Turning to the right, I went to the light-switch, turned on the light to the back porch, and opened the door- nothing. Closing the door, and turning off the porch light, I turned around, and went into the bathroom. After doing my business, I went back to my room, carefully checking the doors again. However, after getting into my room, and getting back into my bed, I couldn’t sleep, so I turned on my light and jotted down a few things in a notebook. After that, I turned off the light, but I still couldn’t sleep. So, I imagined that I was in a romantic situation with one of my female werewolf characters- it got the job done.

Now, I don’t know why I had this nightmare, which had do with this zombie, whom I’m going to call Johnny- Interesting back-story, murdered, body tossed into a thing of cement, comes back to life every so often to claim a victim- reminds me of an Urban Legend of some sort- or if the Easter candy, chicken wings and pizza I’d eaten were involved, but it did scare me quite a bit. That normally doesn’t happen. Normally, I get up, go use the bathroom, go back to bed, and get back to sleep. But every so often, one just gets that dream where one sits down to try and ponder its meaning.

Now obviously, dreaming is part of sleeping, and has been going on for millennium. Dreams have inspired people to create things, or do something different. Dreams are a part of history, and even in the Bible, as Joseph, who was turned into a slave by his older, and jealous, brothers, later became king of Egypt, because he was able to interpret dreams- such as when he dreamed that his older brothers would bow down to him, that his one fellow prisoner would be executed, and the other spared, and then foreseeing seven years of plenty, which would then be followed by seven years of famine. Even Sigmund Freud spent some time on the matter of dreams- trying to figure out what they meant. I also saw a show where a group of doctors had a group of people sleep, and that every time they woke up, the person had to write down what they’d seen in their sleep. A couple of the people, who had just gotten new jobs, had slightly similar dreams- in which they did poorly and got fired. Others, who had some bad news in their lives, also had nightmares, while those who had good news had good dreams.

Now, if good dreams come as a result of good news, like a son coming home after being away for some time, a nightmare has to deal with ones fears. Sometimes, that dream changes from a good dream, into a bad one. One moment, you see your son, who has returned home after serving a tour of duty, coming towards you, with a smile on his face. The next, that smile is on the face of a cold-blooded killer, coming to add you to their count.

So, does that mean that society, and I, will be plagued by nightmares? Well, as long as there are hopes, there will also be fears. As long as there are fears, nightmares will be around to wake people in the middle of the night, and have them creep cautiously towards the bathroom.

Now, the question about Johnny Zombie and I; Will I write about him, and his deeds? I guess I’ll have to- so that I can get some sleep.
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