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A poem I wrote a long time ago....about the trials of life

We’ve all been there
A choice between two
Each one bound to hurt,
and help you

Two paths diverge
No other way
Not like the choices
We make everyday

These ones are different
There is no way back
Each one poised with demons
Waiting to attack

Have you ever been there?
Left with no defense
I have gone there
And have been there since

The wall blocks my way
No chance to turn back
Only to go forward
Towards the demons attack

You can see a light
At the end there’s a glow
But through the demons haze
It will barely show

You shuffle your feet
Unsure which way to go
One path may hurt more
But who could know?

Each one you
Suffer much loss
Shuffling, Shuffling
Thinking of each cost

What can you do?
You can’t go back
Just stare to the demons
Eyes red to attack

They snicker and bicker
Amongst themselves
Raising their weapons
With each groan and yell

The glow is still there
But is it worth the fight
Can you get to it?
Even with all your might

What can you do?
What can be done
Unraveling life
As the threads come undone

You can’t stand there long
Or be trapped forever
But face those perils?
Not very clever

Poking, Prodding
The wall behind your back
Moving your towards
the demons attack

Slipping, Sliding
You grip for ground
Only to see
that none can be found

Only to paths, a wall, you
And a dark void
Suddenly your reality
Has been destroyed

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