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My second poem enjoy
How the mighty fall
isn't that how the saying goes?
What then are the weak?

Would they then be strong?
Survival of the fittest
that's how this lie goes

Is anyone strong?
Or are we all just the weak?
Does killing bring strength?

Revenge is weakness
the strong can move on in life
the weak are angry

For which is harder?
To forgive our enemies
or to kill them all

We always forget
killing can be quite easy
living with is isn't

To live for revenge
this is not a life at all
to kill in cold blood

This isn't our purpose
survival of the fittest
this deceit won't stand

And were this lie true
we would already be dead
for we are all weak

That's why life isn't death
for we don't get what we should
for revenge is God's

Something he won't use
for he is always strongest
and revenge is weak

Take joy in your life
it could end in a second
what then would you be?

To the world, a stain
upon the front of a car
to God a child

One lost who was found
the child of joy and sun
the loved evil one

Our strongest are weak
in an instant we could die
and no one would care

Don't feed your vengeance
for to seek out death is death
the weak still draw breath.

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