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Three factions one will come out on top, this future world of warfare has no guns or bombs
Predecessor: The Alpha Saviors

Chapter 1

If we don’t hold the NGRT back then nobody will, we are the last and only line of defence against them, I will not let us lose to them, we will do everything we can to stop them. –Thomas Connor

11/04/2017 05:43 - Silver City/ South Dakota/USA

10,000 troops from NGRT (Next Gen Robotic Technology) dropped out from a C-130. It was a frosty South Dakota sunrise. Connie “Fate” McKenzie and Lunah “Shadow” Amouran activated COM/TAC screen which put a blue square in front of one of their eyes, Connie tried to get Command on the Radio “Command Do you Read me? Urgent support need. Command do you read me!”

“Looks like they’re jamming our Comms.” Lunah Checked over her Kantana. Connie and Lunah had been friends ever since they met in back in training and had done every op since together.

“Lunah prep the ‘fireworks’”

“On it”

The NGRT troops were ruthless and merciless so this had to be a quick in and out mission to put a dent in the NRGT armada other wise they’d be dead no question about it. “’The ‘fireworks’ are ready” “Ok because they have just spotted us” The NGRT troops ran at them and  in turn they ran at them, Connie wasn’t sure if she’d make it out alive but was going to take as many of them with her as she could. Connie ducked as a fist flew over her head, kicked the bot in the chest and it flew into others crushing a few. A bot had managed to get behind her and took a swing, she grabbed its fist and stopped the punch dead, then put all the force she could and punched through its “Skull” ripping wires and circuits. A metal clang hit her helmet, she turned to face the bot that hit her but before she could even get ready to swing a punch, and knife had gone through her leg and Connie fell to the floor bleeding, she looked up as someone, a dark figure she couldn’t place looked down at her, then she was swallowed into nothing. Lunah was in the midst of ripping a bots head off when she saw most of them in a huddle then break off towards her, she knew something had happened to Connie. She charged towards them determined to get Connie, a bot’s armed a changed into a spike and swung at Lunah, Lunah then ducked underneath the spike, stood up and sliced the bot down the middle with her Kantana, she was glad that the bots were as easy to kill as humans otherwise her Kantana would have snapped. She kicked the bot down to the ground, and continued the charge to where the huddle use to be, but when she reached where it was there was a blood stain on the grass and she was surrounded, She jumped on a bots head, and brought the Kantana down inside its head, swung cutting 3 others in half, she punched a bot coming up behind, back flipped over it and stabbed it from behind. She was heavily surrounded now and they bots seemed to be growing in numbers, she then remembered she had the “fireworks” on her back. In one quick motion she threw it at about which then collapsed making a heap, she used the opportunity, ran, jumped on top of the bots and over the circle in which she used to be in, the timer on the fireworks hit 00:05 seconds, Lunah ran as fast as she could into a nearby forest the timer was now at 00:02, Lunah didn’t stop running. 00:00, an explosion so white that it caught up with Lunah, blinded her and she became like rag doll and was  thrown into the air, her body hit a tree and she fell to the floor.

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