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ode to my many pieces of jewelry
Ode to Jewelry

I have retired now, staying home, seldom leaving town.
Do not push myself in the morning to redress from night's gown.
I do not always care if makeup is applied - not a good sign.
But where are my earrings and watch to keep track of time?

I have at least two jewelry boxes - one very small, one very tall.
The pieces carry memories of places visited, people seen, I recall.
But I cannot with these pieces of history, part.
I could not begin to tell you where my collection had its start.

I have several small dishes just for rings, pins or such.
Crystal dishes received from office parties, birthdays - any value? not much.
They all could fit quite easily in a paper sack.
But parting with these relics is such a emotional task.

I have one bracelet that I discovered on-line.
With red stones on a frame with a motif of some kind.
Beautiful it is and I love it, but I seldom wear on my wrist.
Sell it? Oh no, it truly would be missed.

Necklaces of ten to twelve caret gold that tangle my hair.
Do I give them away, sell them, a few I surely could spare.
Then the next day I gain my senses and come up with this calculation.
Oh yes, there is always that, "what if" I need it for that special celebration.

I love costume jewelry, which is most of what I have.
Art forms that attract me to its unusual designs.
Many are precious, beautiful; one of a kind.
They all speak to me, with elegance, sparkle, and shine.

So, I say I cannot part with such pieces of art.
Who would want my old relics of days of old.
Some are made with silver, but damn few are made of gold.
They are "me" with touches of glamour if I may be so bold!

Now as I reflect back to those days of such apparel worn.
I pick them up, I stammer, "oh so beautifully adorn".
Rhinestone necklaces, brooches, earrings, bracelets and beads.
I even have a couple of bangles that are made with seeds.

Ode to jewelry; beauties of my past
I have finally broken your spell at last!
Tomorrow I sell or just plain give them away
Mesmerized with them at the moment, I am under their power today!

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