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Written for Maryann's 10th Anniversary
Dearest Maryann,

If I might but beseech thine ear for but a few moments time, I swear'll give thee a pleasant surprise. Know that forever more shalt thy name be engraved in our hearts, for thine work, thine love, thine kindness; thou hast ever been there for us. Truly, thou art unrivaled in all, O great leader o' ours! Our joys, our successes, our family - these are but a few examples of thine loving work. Thou hast truly touched the very souls of us, and embedded deep within us is thine mark, to follow us eternally. For these, and for countless other incredible things, I thank thee, from the very bottom of mine heart. Without thee, this group would hardly have risen to that stature that we prize ourselves with. Thou art mine role-model, for thou embodies the very essence of dedication, motivation, and love. On this joyous occasion, I send thee my warmest greeting and much love.
Thou hast touched me and blessed mine life, for not many can boast meeting a true Saint.
Thank thee for all thine work! I hope thou enjoys thine special celebration, as well as the rest of thine life. We, of the Power Reviewers, shall always follow thee and support thee in all thine endeavors!
I wish thee the very best,


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