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The point(s) for reasons to join our family group.

Wow! Receiving gift points is great, isn't it?
Now you have the opportunity to receive more
and other unique and wonderful items from our "DWG Shop and other places
You can also receive
merit badges
and other awards for being active in the group, "disABILITY WRITERS GROUP .

I/We, enjoy gifting smiles and items to my/our friends and family, so because we are friends and family it is only natural for us to have a way to gift things to each other with-in the family group.

Please, join us at our mountain resort where you have plenty of activities to choose from and wonderful members to fellowship with regularly. Our lodge is located here, "disABILITY WRITERS GROUP which is where you can find all the information you need to be a group family member.

Our resort is expanding and we are currently hosting several contests at our "disABILITY WRITERS GROUP CONTEST CABIN, so tell your friends about our contests please and enter your word art so we can enjoy reading what you wrote. Did we mention there are prizes and surprises? Judges, you are welcome to help with these contests. Please send an email to: vpbanjo@writing.com

When you want to hang around and visit for a while, feel free to grab a beverage, find a comfy place to sit, and join in conversation with family group members who are helpful and want to get to know you. Our gab cabin is close so just follow this trail or the tunnel depending on the weather and go here "disABILITY WRITERS MOUNTAIN LOG CABIN.

Reviewing is very important to us and we enjoy reading and commenting which requires what else? Writing! Reviewing is helpful for authors. Gift points are awarded for group affiliated reviews so when you are able, get yourself over to our "DWG: REVIEW LODGE where you'll find information about signatures and how you can grab some gift points.

Everyone is welcome to join us and enjoy all of these wonderful benefits.

Group points are given for group participation which will accumulate until they can be turned in for rewards. Details about this opportunity will be released soon. The point is you get gift points and group points, so everything points to very good reasons for joining our family group.
Safe travels and many blessings.
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