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As usual, my muse has taken me on a psychological journey. Suggestions are welcome.
* Just in case you wonder, I chose this name because I happen to like it. This character is fictitious and not anyone in particular.

Through the Fire

What a smart guy Thom is--a perfect blend of entrepreneur, wise man, and a humanitarian. He is the source of warmth, goodness, and love. He is also a devoted friend and defender of the defenseless.

Around friends and family or even strangers, he intuitively knows what kind of person someone is just by talking to them and watching them. He also has good taste in his clothes, his priorities, and his comrads.

You wouldn't think someone like Thom, who is so in tune with others, could end up blinded by what appears to be truth. He gladly shares with the ones closest to him as he goes about his life adventure, while they cheer him on, and boost his abundant ego. He's so full of joy, it seems as if his heart might burst.

Abundant ego? Really? He is a man, not arrogant; he's just sure of himself. Besides big men--sheep don't cry. They just get tougher and keep on.

Or do they? Maybe he is kidding himself and everyone. Beneath the soft, fluffy, yet tough exterior, he senses that he is part of the flock and just like the meek shall inherit the earth.

Unfortunately, this lamb is trusting, yet almost confused. His heart seeks out and finds goodness and appreciates truth, yet the gentle being ends up a unsuspecting target. Who are these creatures and why are they doing this?

At first, he doesn't realize what is happening, yet it slowly creeps its way into his being. The subtle feeling gets stronger and stronger. Soon he is engulfed by this out of control and chaotic frenzy.

What to do? Turn the other cheek, fight or flight? No doubt he has been bamboozled by manipulators, liars, thieves, and murderers. These beings are skilled at robbing not just physically, but mentally, and worse yet, by way of subtle psychological means.

What they failed to see is that beneath the surface, there is an essence which is anything but weak, and it is something that they cannot rob him of. It is not a shield, but part of his being. It is stronger than any diamond, chain mail, or the strongest steel, and is indestructible.

When and if he suspects and realizes this betrayal and the honest truth or what seems to be, he still might not believe it for he knows the good they are capable of.

"No. That can't be," he says.

When reality sets in, it becomes an overwhelming sadness ...so much so that he falls into an ever spiraling pit of despair. He can't eat or sleep. But he can pray.

This poor tormented and tender soul is guilty by association--an association of humans, which whether or not he did or didn't want to be part of might not matter, unless of course, it does indeed matter.

We must assume that he was lead into a trap so skillfully planned and so carefully carried out.

Or was he? Could there be some reason why this experience was brought to him or he allowed it to become real?

Is it possible that maybe he needed or wanted to see "what is not", so that he might see and appreciate even more "what is"?

Could there be yet another reason why any of it happened--both the good and the not so good? What positive things could possibly come from such an experience?

This might be the question of all questions. To know this, is possibly one of many of the secrets of the universe, or possibly the most important one.

For it is not just about our Thom, but all the other Thoms, and all the other people of the world..

Each of us will find out at the right time, the right place, and in the right way.

Yes, our dear Thom has come through the fire so to speak. Knowledge and wisdom are his, as they have always have been, yet now fully recognized..

*Star* Here is a review of this item--"Through the Fire"

You are doing a great job showing us how we all climb up the ladder consciously, having tasted betrayal and treasonous behaviours in those we thought we knew. This is where the rubber hits the road, and we our true grit arises. We are fortified more than we know, and so goodness and mercy do rise in us more than we know. Thom represents all who try to live righteously, but come to the place where testings cause us to walk amidst fires... we either are burned or walk through those flames..

When we are vulnerable enough to take a good look, utilizing the tools of evaluation and exploration, being careful to analyze what to do, what not to do,make changes where needed, it is then we can create the kind of flow, that is unstoppable! Thom is re-evaluating what once he thought he understood. Seeing through the deceptions and subliminal processes that overcome people.. His awareness is growing as he looks to merge the knowledge of the mind, and wisdom and love within his heart for the lost. Can he do, it... I think so, as you have assured us of His steadfast faith...

this is a good write... here is a thought to share...

Do we reach higher levels, as we recognize 'good' even in experiences that don't look 'good'?

is there a power that permeates us... that takes us beyond, that orchestrates things for our better good?

If we see beyond the persons, looking beyond at what works behind the scenes, what might we see?

Is there any mysterious forces working for and against us? Your thoughts?

Or is everything just done on a physical plane, in a physical dimension?

Great glimpse into how we wrestle, how we begin to question, how we go from to and fro as we grow...

liked this very much

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