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The story gets started. You find out the mysteries of Jasonz, and Evelynn questions him.
1. Inhuman
The heat of the sand on my feet could easily be compared to burning embers, or that’s what it felt like at least. Drew and Caarie-Anne were to my left, both their equally curly hair blowing in the soft breeze. I played with a strand of my perfectly flat-ironed hair, sighing at the fact that I was not naturally blessed with perfect ringlets every day. I laughed at the thought; I envied no one, for I was perfection. Moreover, I never lied.
We found a spot near the water that provided enough room for three towels, three beach chairs, and a large cooler filled with Vitamin Water and ChocoMax bars. I propped myself onto the hot pink chair and slid my Dolce and Cabana sunglasses over my eyes. Caarie took her seat next to me, pulling her Gucci shades down over her pale green almond eyes.
“Who’s all meeting up with us today?” Drew asked casually, as if she had forgotten whom she had invited.
“I’m pretty sure Melina is coming in twenty minutes, and everyone else is supposed to be here at twelve.” Caarie replied tranquilly. “So that means we have just over two hours of quiet time,” her voice perked up into a smile.
Drew looked at her disdainfully, her eyes becoming slits. “It was your idea,” she retorted.
Caarie merely laughed. “Jokes Drew,” she threw her glasses onto the empty towel. “You’ve been so adamant since you broke up with Aaron, no offence Eve.”
“No offence taken.” I replied. “Drew and Aaron were perfect, not many people look good with him. I think you level his ugliness out.”
Caarie burst out laughing as if I had said the funniest joke ever. “That’s for sure,” she barely got out as she continued to laugh.
Drew shot her a dirty look, but her eyes didn’t stay focused on Caarie for long. Her gaze followed two shirtless boys jogging along the water, both would be rated at least an eight out of ten. The taller boy was much hotter though, in my opinion at least. He had light brown curls that reached below his ears. His face was perfectly angular, a face that models could only dream of having. He glanced at me, his green eyes looking at my perfect body. He smiled slightly, as if he knew I was thinking about how sweet his soft-looking lips would feel on my perfectly glossed lips.
“He’s looking at you,” Drew maliciously added.
“Of course he is Drew, but his friend is amazingly cute too. No offence Drew, but Evelynn outweighs everyone when it comes to looking good.”
Drew agreed with her. “Watch this,” she whispered. “Hey boys, why don’t you come sit with us?” She yelled.
Caarie fidgeted in her spot. “What was that?” she hissed.
The boys stopped jogging and walked slowly towards us, the shorter, less attractive one with a sly smirk on his face. The shorter one had dark hair, almost black, tousled on his head. His tan skin made the taller one look almost honey in colour. His eyes were the same colour as mine, deep brown. The features on his face were almost as flawless as the taller ones, but somehow he seemed to have a more, laidback look.
Drew propped herself into a leaning position on my chair, smiling flirtatiously as they approached us. “Well, hello boys. Nice to see some hot faces around here,” Drew added with a wink towards the taller one.
The tan one winked back; oblivious to Drew’s attempts to pick up tallboy. “It is quite nice to see some pretty faces around here as well,” he spoke in a foreign accent that sounded like a mix of Spanish and English. “I am Chaz,” he introduced himself with a wave of his hand, “and this is Jasonz.” He motioned to the taller one.
“Ladies,” Jasonz spoke in a soft, tuneful voice.
Before we had time to speak, another boy, this one with caramel skin and dark hair walked over to Chaz’s side. He looked at Caarie with a smile.
“Well, everything evens out now ladies,” the darker boy chimed. “I’m Henderson by the way.”
Jasonz playfully punched his shoulder. “Just had to ruin it, didn’t you?” he joked.
Chaz coughed loud enough for them stop goofing off and pay attention again.
“I’m Eve,” I winked at Caarie. “This is Caarie-Anne,” I pointed to the lock of curls beside me. “And Drew,” I elbowed her washboard abs from my spot.
The boys each muttered the names under their breath. Caarie shot me a disapproving glance, as if to tell me they were nothing but summer fun. I gave her the ‘whatever’ shrug, forgetting about my absent boyfriend.
“So how much do each of you press?” I asked, hoping to break the ice.
Henderson snickered. “A lot more than you,”
Apparently, all the boys found this joke quite amusing, for each one started to laugh without pleasure.
“Make yourself comfortable,” Drew openly expressed.
The boys shrugged and took seats next to their preferred girl, all except Jasonz. He stood still as a statue, staring blankly into the blue sky. I waited for him to sit on the end of my chair, hoping that maybe I could find out more about this stranger. All of my optimism was shattered when he announced that he had to leave only minutes later. Chaz and Henderson both groaned in protest, but followed his lead.
Drew was still bouncing, even after minutes. She started to discuss what she was going to wear to the party. I hoped that the boys kept their promise up, they would be there, but I didn’t get too confident.
Jasonz, if he showed, would please me greatly. Something about him, just the way he acted, it made me want to find out more, to crack that alpha male shell of his, and find out what was underneath. I was determined to solve the mystery, even if it meant relationship troubles in the future.

After dropping Caarie off at Drew’s, I still had three hours to blow off before the party started. I found myself pulling into Dairy Queens parking lot before even thinking. I went through the Drive-Thru and ordered myself a cookie-dough blizzard with triple cookie-dough.
As I was pulling out, a black Viper cut me off. Honking the horn of my Rolls Royce, I cursed to myself, wishing that stupid drivers didn’t have licenses. I took a right and followed the street through until I came to the end, and turned left. I ended up stopped next to the B&B wishing that I hadn’t gotten a blizzard. A cop pulled in behind me, eyeing me suspiciously in my mirror. The light turned green and I followed an old pick up until reaching the Highway.
I finally pulled onto Concession Three, regretting taking the Royce out for a spin. I turned into my long gravel driveway, cursing again. I forgot to get the mail.
My mom was waiting for me on the stone walkway that led to the “Modern Mansion” as the good folks of Brechin called it. It was a three-storey house with window-walls covering most sides. What little you could see of the siding was a dark mahogany wood. On the second-storey was a large freestanding deck that was covered by the growing willow trees.
“Where have you been?” my mother scolded as I stepped out of the car.
“At the beach with Caarie and the girls,” I confessed.
I probably should have told her my plans this morning.
“I have been worried sick about since I got up this morning. Both your father and I have been trying to get a hold of you since we noticed your car was missing, but there was no answer.”
I probably should have brought my phone too. I made a mental list of things to do for next time.
“I forgot my phone in my closet,” I told her.
We walked together towards the house, ignoring Bailer’s barking from the doghouse. My mom grabbed my wrist in her firm grasp, as she had many times.
Her pale brown eyes watched me cautiously. “I know you’re a teenager and all, but you need to tell me things before doing them. I cannot stand sitting here, thinking the worst of you, while you’re out parading around town with your friends. I almost called the cops Evelynn.”
I sighed. My mom never called me Evelynn, even when she became angry with me. She had been more worried than she let show. Her ageing face looked more stressed today than usual, her wavy brown hair stuck out in wild tantrums. It looked as if she hadn’t had time to brush her hair.
“I apologize for worrying you.” I opened the double glass door for her. “I’m going out tonight; I’ll be with Drew and the girls at Marie’s house. I will have my cell on me,” I assured her.
“Thank you,” she stopped on the top step, looking down upon me. “We need to communicate more.” She confided and left towards the kitchen.
I took the open staircases until I reached the third floor. The third floor was composed of two rooms basically; my bedroom, and the library. Half of the top floor was dedicated to my room, with its over-the-top layout and furniture, and the other half was for the library/ office.
I took the left turn and slid the door open into the well-lit paradise. The eastern and northern walls were painted bright orange with hot pink trims. The other two walls were all glass, giving me the perfect view of Brechin, and the field behind our house. Against the southern wall, a modern bed was propped against the window, its black geometric quilt threatening to evade attention from the walls. In the center of the room, a small dugout section was home to three hanging hammocks and an entertainment center with every system possible. Laying side-by-side, the entrance to my personal closet and bathroom were only feet from my bedside table.
I walked into the closet, putting aside my car keys, and found my way to my dresses. I looked at some too formal dresses for a moment, still pondering what I was going to wear. I grabbed a white Guess shirt, and a pair of Billabong skinny jeans. I matched the outfit up with a pair of Birkenstocks and a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses. I finished the look with a high ponytail, and my Bench sweater. I glanced quickly in the mirror, making sure I was perfect for others eyes. When I saw myself as perfect, I walked down into the kitchen.
My mom was sitting on the high-back chair at the head of the table, reviewing one of her broadways. She looked up at me, her slim glasses sliding down the bridge of her nose. She pushed them back up and took a glance at my outfit.
“Anything underneath or in your bag that I should know about?” she asked curiously.
I shook my head; it wasn’t a lie, “just a pair of shorts when it gets too warm in my jeans?” I told her. She pointed to my sweater. “I’m wearing the Guess shirt you got me,” I stated.
She nodded approvingly. “You are free to go…”
“Don’t forget the promise,” my father added in a singsong voice from the kitchen.
“I was getting there,” my mother murmured low enough that my dad couldn’t hear. “I want you to promise me you won’t drink and drive. I am not having any cops or charges appearing on your record. Do I make myself clear?” She asked in her caring tone.
“Fair and square mom; no drinking and driving, deal,” I pretended to spit on my hand. She shot me a disapproving look and motioned for me to leave the room.
I grabbed my purse and car keys, and ran up the stairs to get my cell. I almost tripped getting into my Navigator. The black leather seats were hotter than the sand had been this morning, burning my back as I sat back. I cranked the volume on the stereo, loud enough to deafen my perception on anything else in the car. I booted the engine and tore out of the driveway, earning a condemning glance from my father through the second storey window. I turned onto Highway 12 and sped down the newly paved road until I reached Lagoon City’s entrance. I past the small public school and continued until I was at the city’s entrance, where Caarie was waiting silently with her iPhone in hand.
“I was beginning to think you wouldn’t come to get me, or that you forgot.” She told me as she got in the car.
“Well, I am definitely not Drew.” I said with a laugh. “I remembered that I had to pick a few people up when I got on the Highway,”
She giggled. “Who we picking up?”
“‘We’ aren’t picking up anyone, I promised to pick up Monique and Jennifer. So I only have to stop at Kandy’s house to get everyone.”
“Ugh… Monique,” she grumbled. “Can’t Kandy drive everyone in her own family?” She asked in disgust.
“Her parents have the minivan, so she has the Camaro right now. She was planning on taking everyone, but things changed, so I said I’d take them.” I told her politely.
“Why Monique of all people? She’s such a two-face. Do you remember the time I told her the thing with my brother, and the next day everyone knew about it?”
I nodded. “You hardly knew her, and people already told you she wasn’t reliable. Plus, it was her sister he slept with,”
She shook her head. “What ya’ listenin’ to? Still in your JB phase or you finally stop liking that little girl?”
“Why don’t you see,” I turned the volume up. It was my favourite song, on Cannibal.
“Hot and dangerous, if you’re one of us then roll with us, cuz’ we got our hot pants on and up, and yes of course we does we runnin’ this town just like a club, and no you don’t wanna mess with got Jesus on my necka-lace-lace. Got that glitter on my eyes, lookin’ sick and sexified, so let’s go-o-o, tonight were goin hard, hard hard-ard-ard-ard,” we both snag along with the song until we pulled into the post office parking lot where the twins were standing with their bright yellow hair.
I stopped just long enough for them to glare at Caarie and get in. We spent the rest of the ride in silence.
The twins glowered at Caarie’s Chanel shirt, as if they had something to be jealous of.
“Where did you get that shirt?” Monique sneered.
“Probably Goodwill,” Jennifer added distastefully.
Caarie his back her tears, she may have had a nice home, but her parents weren’t big on expensive clothing.
“Actually,” I snapped back, “I think she got it right here.” I unlocked the doors and pointed to the side of the road. “Maybe you guys could go get some nice clothes here,”
They stared at the empty field beside the car. “Are you saying get out?” Monique asked disgustedly.
“Either that or shut up about Caarie’s clothes. At least she can dress herself like a real woman.” I lashed.
They were both wearing low-cut strapless dresses that hardly covered what little butts they had. The form-fitting dresses both vaunted their anorexic bodies. Together they wore too much makeup, which didn’t help conceal their physical hideousness; it only made it shoddier.
“Fine,” they grumbled in unison.
Caarie shot me a I’ll thank you later look and went back to staring out the window. I pulled off the side of the Highway behind a black Viper, like the one I had seen earlier. It was in a rush, pulling past every car it possibly could. Before long, it was far out of sight.

LMFAO’s song “Put that A$$ to work” started to play, and before long, everyone was dancing and grinding in the small confined space of the living room. I was friendly dancing with Drew when the door opened for the first time in three hours. Jasonz and his buddies walked in with a case of Vanilla Mudslides. How ironic, he brings my favourite drink to the party. I made my way over to him, not wanting anyone to think he was a parent, because he looked older than nineteen.
“Well thanks for the booze, you guys can leave now,” I teased.
Chaz winked ruefully. “Well I told you guys she was only using us for the drinks,” he followed my lead.
Chaz was wearing a pair of khaki shorts with the tops of his Calvin Klein underwear peeking out, and a hot pink Hollister shirt. Henderson was dressed sportier then Chaz, with a pair of black Nike’s with white stripes and red and blue plaid button-down shirt, undone. Jasonz still stood in the doorway, his black Quicksilver shirt hugging his well-defined chest, and a pair of dark ripped jeans. The three of them were dressed casually, which made all of them look hotter than they did earlier today.
“Well the party is just over here,” I led them towards where I had been standing just a minute ago. Both Drew and Caarie were sitting on the arm of the couch looking dazed as Chaz and Henderson walked towards them. The four of them branched off in different directions, and left Jasonz and me alone, in the center of the party.
I took a seat on the armrest of the chaise lounge, watching Jasonz closely. He sat down on the lounge, leaving room for me feet. He handed me a bottle of a still cold Vanilla Mudslide. I swigged a little and looked at him. He was watching my every move.
“So do you talk, or are you like a mute?”
He smiled, flashing a set of perfect white teeth. “I guess I don’t have much to say,” he reasoned.
“Someone as good-looking as you will always have something to say. How about we start with Twenty- Question?” I advocated.
He shrugged. “You go first,” he proposed.
“Fine, how many girls have you dated before?”
“One,” he answered. “How many boys have you dated before?”
“Seven. How have you only dated one girl? You have to be the hottest thing ever, one seems an unlikely number.”
He shrugged, “your question.”
“What type of car do you drive?”
“A black Dodge Viper,” he replied. “I’m sorry I cut you off earlier, I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings.”
“Little bitch…” I murmured. He laughed a little, even though he shouldn’t have been able to hear me with the music. Little wasn’t exactly the right words to use though, giant seemed more accurate. Before I hadn’t noticed exactly how tall he was. Judging from my height, he had to be at least sis foot seven or eight.
“Do you want to go for a walk?” I asked.
Going for a walk at this time of night, with a guy I barely knew, didn’t seem like such a bad idea. I would easily be able to outrun him, even if he looked like he worked out seven days a week. As if he could read my mind, he chuckled.
“Sure,” he replied just too quickly.
I pulled my HTC Legend from my pocket and texted Drew saying I was going on a walk. When the text sent, I got up and followed him outside to the crisp, chilly darkness that consumed Orillia.
He kept walking until we came up to my Navigator. “Keys?” he asked hopingly.
I threw him the keys from in my pocket and hopped in the passenger seat.

I found myself waking up, with my head against someone’s chest. Their breathing was timed, seven second inhale, five second exhale, and repeat. I found the sound soothing enough and fell back asleep again.
When I awoke the second time, a blanket was strewn over me. I reached out to find someone, but no one was there. I rubbed sleep out of my eyes, coming to the realization that my head pounded. I was resting on a bench in a bus stop. How did I get here? I propped myself up to a sitting position, looking at the opera house, rather than a familiar house.
Heading down the street from MVP, a group of gangly dressed boys were staggering towards me. They all wore chains hanging from their baggy jeans that hung at their knees. Each held a switchblade in their strong hands. I looked around for my car in the parking lot across the street; it was empty. My desperate hope to escape just became even bleaker.
“Well look what we got here boys,” the tallest one with a red cap spoke. The others listened to him, and seemed to hold him in high regard. He was the leader. “An underage hotty with a body,” he cheered.
One with a broken beer bottle spoke up, “she looks scared Craig, maybe we should let her go,” he taunted.
The leader, Craig, struck him with his fist, sending him flying to the ground. He stayed there as the others approached. I frantically searched for a weapon or means of self-defence, I found nothing, but an old Bud can. It was too late, they were already at the entrance of the booth.
The faint sound of a familiar engine brought a smile to my face. A door opened, and shut as Jasonz tore out of my Navigator.
“Is there a problem here boys?” he asked in a slightly amused tone.
Craig turned around, looking quite displeased. He looked at his height, and his muscles, probably thinking of how good a chance he stood against him. I was weighing the odds when the boy who had fallen on the street hit him in the back of the head in a running jump. Jasonz turned in blinding speed and threw him back onto the road. He did the same to the rest of the gang. They only stared from the street and walked away, towards Memorial Avenue.
“Are you alright?” he asked worriedly.
I nodded meekly. “Nothing happened. Why was I on a public bench when I woke up?”
He stifled a laugh. “You wanted to sleep on a public bench last night when we went on a walk. You said something about it being one of your dreams. Other than that, I don’t know exactly why,”
I shrugged. “What time is it?” I asked looking up at the sky. It was a lighter purple with strips of red, yellow, and orange coming up from the horizon.
“Six-ish,” he replied. “Would you like something to eat?”
“Nothing is open,” I told him. “You really are new to this place,”
He shrugged. “McDonalds is open right now,”
“I’m a vegetarian,”
“Oh,” he mouthed. His golden cheeks flushed red.
“Where did you park your car?” I asked. Right now, there was nothing I was longing more than a snug quilt, and a warm bed to snooze in. The only thing stopping me right now was Jasonz still being here with me.
“I’m going to drive you home Evelynn,”
“No,” I disagreed with him. “You just drive to your car, and I’ll drive myself home. It works out that way.” I gave the instructions to him clearly.
He shook his head in squabble. “I’m driving you home, no arguing,”
I shrugged. I was too tired to fight. I hopped into the passenger seat and cuddled into the corner, falling asleep instantly.
I awoke as Jasonz pulled into my long, gravel driveway. He pulled the Navigator into my spot next to my mother’s silver Audi R8. He took the car keys out and handed them to me.
“Keys, purse, phone, drinks, did I miss anything?” he listed everything I brought with me.
“How are you getting home?” I asked not caring now. The visualization of my warm black quilt and fluffy memory foam pillows.
“I can manage, do you need me to walk you to the door?” he grinned, “Or your room?” he added slyly.
I refused. “I can manage,” I assured him.
I hardly managed to get the door open, let alone get out of the car. I forced myself to stumble up the walkway. I turned around to check on Jasonz. I had heard the driver’s door close just a second ago, but he was nowhere to be seen.
“Jasonz, where are you?” I called out.
No response.
“Jas?” I called out again.
Again, no answer.
I ran frantically into the treeline, running right through a raspberry bush. The rough, sharp prickles tore through my thin flesh. Thick streams of blood flowed down my tan skin. I could smell the coppery, salty liquid, it made me gag as I ran towards an empty field.
It took me an hour to get back to the house. By then, my mother was standing on the deck, carrying her daily look of worry.
“Where have you been?” she asked. “I saw your car when I got up, but I never heard the alarm go off. Why were you in the forest?”
“I thought I saw something…” I lied smoothly.
It took me a while to realize that he had just disappeared. I wouldn’t accept the fact though. Something was wrong with me for even thinking he had disappeared. I made a mental note to ask him about his act the next time I saw him…

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