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Don't give up what you love most. A short story and a piano.
         She stared blankly at the instrument she hadn't played, much less looked at in years. Would she even remember how to play it? she looked at it left to right, all the black and white 88 keys lined up waiting for her to put her hands on. She sighed. Why try? She thought. I probably don't even remember the DO scale. She placed her five fingers on the middle C and went up the scale. The beautiful smooth notes filled her brain and the room.

         She had stopped playing the day she heard a group of people saying she sucked and needed more talent. She went home in tears, not even telling her mom what happened. It's been four years. She remembered 5 minutes ago when she went down into the basement to retrieve something of her mother's. "Oh crap" she said and picked up the small box and ran up to her mom. "Sorry it took so long, I had trouble finding it." She said, hoping her mother couldn't hear the piano from up here. "Thanks, Sullen." Her mom replied with a smile and returned to her room.

         Sullen stood there for a moment deciding whether she should forget about the piano again or go back down and play it. Hesitating she turned back down to the basement. She went to a drawer and pulled out some sheets of paper. "Let's start with something easy." She said to herself. She searched through the songs, some one page, and some three pages long. "Hm." She said and pulled out "Moonlight" (Piano sonata no. 14) and placed it on the music holder. Sullen slid out and sat on the leather seat. She placed her hands on the keys. Starting slowly, playing each note. Her hands remembered what her head almost couldn't and the sound filled her ears.

         She forgot everything, the words that echoed in her ears faded and she was playing a familiar melody that she knew four years ago. The softness putting tears on her cheeks. Her fingers moving gracefully up and down the piano. How she missed it. How could she let their thoughts interrupt her playing? That's four years of playing she'll never get back. She played almost every piece of music she had until her fingers were tired.
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