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by Harry
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Political poem re diverting taxpayer funds from public institutions to private businesses.
Let’s privatize! Privatize! Privatize!
Dollar signs dance in Republicans’ eyes.
All those taxpayers’ monies diverted
into private pockets … it’s so perverted!

It won’t make the school kids any smarter,
merely enrich private schools with a charter.
Converting a public-owned prison or jail
to privately owned will cost more without fail.

Let business take over all government functions –
Republicans are urging this without compunctions.
If only state and local pension plans they can freeze,
investment firms will soon reap millions in new fees.

All those taxpayer dollars now in government hands
won’t stay there much longer under Republican plans.
Privatize education, prisons, health care, Social Security!
Cost taxpayers more while the rich get richer? It’s a surety.

The Republicans are attempting the greatest transfer
of tax funds from public to private hands ever to occur.
Taxpayers will end up with higher costs and less service.
Privatize! Privatize! This does America a grave disservice.

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