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This story is about a dog named dog named ben that goes on a journey with friends.
Ben woke up one morning really hungry. So he decided to wake up his owners Richard, and Shirley and said I am hungry feed me.

After he finished eating ben decided to go out for a walk. On his way out he saw two of his friends Blue, and Lucky. He went over there to say hi.

Ben ask them where and you all up to. We are going to the Market for our owner. Ben ask  can I come?  Blue and lucky said sure.

On their way to the market they saw a little bird that was hurt.

Ben, Blue, and Lucky ask the bird what's wrong. The bird said I have something in my wing. Ben walked up to the bird and got it out of the bird's wing.

The bird said thank you for helping me and they continue on their way.

Then they started walking again.  It was a nice and sunny day.

Blue said let's walk through this park it look very beautiful.

On their way through the park they saw a lot of squirrels.

They all started barking and chasing the  squirrel.

That was very fun. they just wanted to make them run the fun of it.

Then Ben and Blue turned around and did not see lucky. So they started screaming his name Lucky Lucky where are you.  Then Lucky said I am down here in this well I cannot get out. Help me!!!!!!!!! Then the two of them started looking for something to get him out of the well to get him out of there. Blue found a big long branch to put in the well like a rope so he can walk up it. Then ben told Lucky climb up it. Lucky said ok I will try. He started climbing up it and just as lucky got to the middle of the well the branch started to brake, then ben blue said hurry hurry up. Just then that squirrel came with help. The squirrel had an army of squirrels jumped on the branch as one and they pulled lucky to safety. Ben Lucky and blue said thank you to the squirrels for helping them and if they ever needed anything the would be glad to help out.

So they started on their way again. The three friends  said never again we will never scare other living creature ever again because in the future you may need that creature in the long run.

Then blue, ben ask Lucky are you hurt? ( Lucky said no I am ok.)

That was really close.

As they were walking blue said we are almost there I can see it is across the street.

We can get our owner his food.. When they  got inside of the market they noticed something was wrong there was a man running out to the exit really really fast. Then the heard the owner saying please stop that man we just got robbed and he had a bag full of money as he was running for the door ben bit him and dragged him to the  ground and waited for help to come.

When the cops came they told ben you are a hero. The owner of the store thanked ben for helping to catch the bad guy by saying I will let you have anything you want for free. So they got the food for their owner. Then the three friends went home. When they got home ben went right to sleep. His owners said man you must of had a busy day to be sleepy I wonder what you did all day.

                                            The End

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