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by April
Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #1874148
Free form poem of a lover asking a poignant question. Is it for her sake or his?
I give you my heart and you leave me lonely,
pacing the floors I wander these halls alone,
the only company is the sound of my poor heart breaking.

Can't you see the way I want you, love you, need you by my side?
My heart flutters as you tell me you love my too,
then all to quickly it shatters as you turn and leave me for another.
I sit picking up the pieces, stringing them together
all the while, you play me like a marionette.

The dark nights bring a cold foreboding without you.
I lay in bed with only the warmth of my falling tears.
You used to melt the icy fingers of sadness that gripped my heart.
But now, its paralyzed trapped in the strangled grip of doubt.

I stay because I love you and have to believe you are better,
will be better,
can be better to me.
I stay to prove my love and worth.
Working as hard as I can, don't you, won't you see my worth.
I am so small, like a child when you look to me like that.
I want you to care for me, love me, but most of all see me as I am,
here wanting to love you.
Why won't you.........
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