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Rated: E · Short Story · Environment · #1874641
It started out with a trip to the pool,Christmas Day at Kiawah Island Resort.
How Could I Get Lost at a Resort?

Every Christmas, the whole Kilpatrick crew and son-in-law, Charles, my sister and her two girls were together on that special day. Charles was the one who rented the condo at Kiawah Island, now an exclusive resort  of trees and the beach. The condos, so many, made me wonder what happened to the wild, wooded Kiawah of years gone by. Even the massive number of deer had disappeared. However, to my delight, I noticed several large alligators hanging out, too. No one even wore a sweater and the two adopted children actually wanted to swim in the pool and play with a frisby! The westerly zephyreans lightly kissed the frisbee as the girls played. The weather --- perfect!

My daddy, Jake, was doing what he does, watching sports. Whenever he visits someone, the first thing he does is turn the TV on a sports channel. Bert, my sometimes stern mother, was really a pushover. She loves to cook, so my sister, Susan, Charles's tall, shapely blond wife, my sister, welcomed the help. Momma told us it would be ready soon, but the girls, who were adopted from China when they were babies, were ready for Santa. Now, Zoe and Lian were typical American girls. They were so excited for opening gifts after a short walk to the pool. They hurried to pull on their bathing suits. Again, they felt the westerly wind of the zephyrus tickle the girls' long black hair.

We followed a marked path through the pool. The waters were full of kids and adults splashing around, we had to run to the gate to keep from getting too wet.The girls wanted to jump into the pool, but we headed down the boardwalk, I noticed the weather was windy on the beach and I decided to walk back to the condo. It wasn't too far away,or so I thought. Oh no! I couldn't remember which condo was ours. "Oh, crap! " I was getting frustrated.

All I knew was the address, but not the street. I boldly stopped every one I saw and nobody had any idea what I meant. I told, all of the useless people that it was in front of a golf Course. One man laughed and said, " We have five golf courses." That sure was no help. Walking for over an hour made feel like I would be fussed at and ruin our Christmas Dinner. " I was sure they were looking for me, I hope they would find me soon. I was so exhausted and dehydrated, I couldn't find any shade. So I kept walking. When I noticed  the County Park sign, I knew I had reached the other end of the island. I couldn't help but burst into tears and kept on walking.

Finally I found a man in a golf cart with no clubs. He was the groundskeeper. I described my problem and the nice and we drove around the island. The numbers on some of the condos had no pattern and none of the buildings looked much different. We bumped around the island and it felt good for my feet and legs rested. We traveled from one end of the island to the other end. I was so tired, lost, and wondering about what my family was doing. I felt so guilty for spoiling my family's Christmas dinner and presents.

The grounds keeper at the golf course( I never knew his name) said, "I have to get back to work, I will have to let you off here and I hope you find your family before it gets dark." He was kidding, but it dampened my hope. What if they have to use lights, and the police?

All of a sudden, I noticed Lian's sandals and Susan's bike! The number was the right one. I had made it back alive! When I knocked at the door, Zoe opened up and we both hugged. No one was mad. They spent a while on the bikes and Charles drove around in his car, searching but I remained lost to them and myself. I told him of my adventure and I have never been so stranded and lost. Charles said to me, "We might never found you on the other end."

Lian laughed and told me she kept saying,"We aren't searching Easter Eggs at Christmas, we're searching for Lesley!" Everyone had a lot of laughing over that.

After we all had a chuckle, Lian said, "This is one Christmas we can remember!" I and have something to remember! I was so relieved that I found my family before dark. I was hot and nearly in tears. My experience was appearantly over. Dinner was over, as well.

Momma, ever so thoughtful, made me a plate of the left over dinner.  I scarfed the food without even remembering what I ate, because I'd never been so hungry from my walking. I finished eating, and it appeared they all waited to find me before we opened presents. I was pleased and surprised and have such a wonderful family. We dove into the presents, laughing and joking.

I don't remember all of the presents, but I will never forget finding myself lost and coming home to a perfect Christmas. It is a Christmas we would remember every year and laugh. I sure wasn't laughing as I wandered about, searching for my family. It all turned out well and it did end up being a Merry Christmas.
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