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Fast forwarding, it is now time for Cho's big movie premiere! What will happen?
Author's Note: So, I wanted to fast forward a bit to the big movie premiere! I'll be sure to make this one...exciting?...great?.... suspenseful?...yep...that's the right word! So, enjoy this one! It's gonna be BIG! Also, the end of this series will be coming pretty soon- :( -but I am thinking of a sequel already! Want a little sneak peek?

Well, here you go!

Choice Zen is an international teen popstar. When one day, she finds an old band mate, will they become more than friends, disregarding their past relationship? Find out in-

I've Made My Decision...coming soon to WDC!

OK! So, I'll meet you down at the bottom!


Cho's POV

I woke up to the sound of my iPhone ringing.

Of course...I didn't want to pick it up, but I had to. So, I rolled out of my comfortable position and picked up. That's what nice people do, right?


"Yes, this is your limo driver, Gibson. I am calling about pickup times."

I put the phone down and groaned. All that for THIS?"

"Does four sound good to you?"

"What are you talking about?"

Gibson laughed. "The movie premiere tonight? How could you forget? You're the star?"

I sighed. Oh, yeah. The premiere. "Yeah, four sounds OK."

"Great! See you then! Bye!"


I check the time. 9:57 AM. Time to get up.

I got out of bed and put on my robe. Then I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, where mom was enjoying a cup of dark coffee. What's so good about it, anyway?


"Good morning to you too."

I opened the fridge and took out the orange juice. I poured myself a cup and sat down at the table.

"I have to meet my prep team at four. Are you coming or are you staying here?"

"I'm having my own prep team come over. You know, as your mother and all..."

I groaned again. This morning wasn't coming to a great start.

"I know, I know."

We sipped our drinks a little longer. Then I remembered something.

"My goodness! I forgot about the community center!"


"We're supposed to be hosting a pre-premiere concert at the community center at 11:30. It's already 11!"

"Well, you best get going then."

I got up and ran upstairs. I had no idea what to wear to the concert, since it wasn't professional or anything. I went to my closet and picked out a pair of red jeggings and a button down white shirt. Then I hurried to my makeup counter. I took my hair out of it's rollers and combed out the curls so it was soft and flowing. I put on a newsboy hat and did my makeup so I looked like I was glowing. Finally, I put on some black converse, grabbed my purse, and ran out the door.

I had to catch a cab to the community center (he asked for my autograph), but I got there just in time. My prep team fixed me up a bit, and then let me go backstage. I heard Stephen talking to the audience.

"And, now, ladies and gentleman- presenting, the star of 'Magic'- Cho Zen!" The audience applauded like crazy. I ran up stage and blew kisses to the crowd. Finally, I picked up a diamond studded microphone and started to talk.

"This is a song I wrote when I was 9, for my first crush."

Red roses

My voice is

lost in the sound of laughter

can't take it

i am still

waiting for happy ever after

lost in your voice

stuck in a day dream

lost in your eyes

why can't you see me

as a person

with a life

no matter

how i try

why can't you send me

red roses

Happy thoughts

is all i think

whenever I'm thinking about you

la la la

can't hear them

saying my dream will never come true

lost in your voice

stuck in a day dream

lost in your eyes

why can't you see me

as a person

with a life

no matter

how i try

why can't you send me

red roses


life may be a little fast paced

but remeber i'm still waiting

watching through my window

when will you appear

life may be a little fast paced

but no matter what they say

i'll be watching

through my window

until you appear

lost in your voice

stuck in a day dream

lost in your eyes

why can't you see me

as a person

with a life

no matter

how i try

lost in your voice

stuck in a day dream

lost in your eyes

why can't you see me

as a person

with a life

no matter

how i try

why can't you send me

red roses

The audience went wild. I waved and walked off the stage.

By the time the concert was over, I had little time before I had to meet my prep team. I was going to go out for lunch when I was distracted by a phone call. Guess who it was?



"Well, hello to you too!"

I rolled my eyes at his sarcasm.

"Look, you have exactly 2 minutes. So you better start now."

He must have heard the anger in my voice. "OK, OK! I just wanted to tell you that we got invited to the premiere, and, and,"

Jake stopped.


"Crystal and I are coming. So, if you could-"

I hung up. I wasn't taking anymore of that.

At four, Gibson picked me up and took me to the studio. Before I could thank him, my prep team had already whisked me away.

They sat me down in my dressing room, looking me over. Finally, Jamal spoke up.

"You know your wedding scene in the movie, right?" I nodded my head. Sure I remembered it. In that scene of the movie, I was no longer a fairy, but a normal being when I ended up marrying the fairy I had loved all my life. Way too cheesy.

"Well, we were thinking of you showing up in your wedding dress." I scoffed. Seriously? I was not going to my first movie premiere with a wedding dress on. I'd look ridiculous!

Jamal saw my look and shook his head. "Don't worry, Cho. We made a few slight alterations."

They turned me around and I saw the dress.

The wedding dress had been transformed into a rocking party dress. It was strapless with a heart top. It was short, and had a big black belt in the middle. It was form hugging at the top to get all my curves, but then became wavy and loose when it reached my hips. I was speechless.

Jamal snapped his fingers and my prep team got to work. They scrubbed my skin and put some kind of cream on that gave it a shining glow. Then they scrubbed my nails, and put on a gold color that shone, too. They enhanced my makeup I did myself a little, then helped me put on my dress. They switched my converse with black heels that were comfortable and easy to walk in.



Last but not least, they did my hair. They dyed it dark red and put blond highlights in it. Then they put the tiara in it and styled my hair in an waved around the crown. I looked in the mirror. I did look pretty good.

When we were done, the time was 7:30. The premiere started at eight. My prep team walked me to my limo, and then went to get themselves ready for the after party. The drive to the premiere took a long time, since it was being held in a huge famous theater not available for common use.

As we approached the place, I could see all the bright lights. There was paparazzi everywhere. I immediately noticed that my limo was the only one that was purple. Ha.

The limo stopped in front of the red carpet. Gibson got out and opened the door, and I stepped out and into the open. I heard a lot of cheers, and I finally started to walk down the carpet, posing for the cameras and autographing pictures. I was about to continue when someone tapped my shoulder.

Jake's POV

Crystal was being really annoying on the ride to the theater.

In fact, she was annoying on the ride to the airport, on the airplane, the ride to the hotel, and now the ride to the premiere. Seriously, I could have had any girl, and I chose her? In fact, I could have had Cho, if I hadn't screwed it up.

Anyway, while Crystal was talking about how her nails got stuck in the piano keys, I stared out the window and saw how close we were to the theater. As soon as we pulled up, I grabbed Crystal's hand and opened the door. We stepped out and the crowd cheered. We started to walk up the carpet, posing, signing (well, I did), and what not. I spotted Cho up ahead.

"Crissy, I'm going ahead for a bit, OK?" she nodded. The cameras were eating her up.

I ran up to Cho and tapped her shoulder. She stiffened up, and then spun around.

I smiled, but she just frowned. She started to walk away but a reporter stopped her.

"Jake! Cho? How's your relationship going? We heard about the breakup, how does it feel that he came here with his new GF? Are you still in love?"

Cho got angrier with each question, and then just walked into the theater. "Cho! Wait!" I was about t go in when I remembered. "Crystal! Get over here!" Crystal hurried to me and we walked in together.

Inside was much different. It was quiet, with little chit chat. Adults were drinking cocktails while the younger ones were drinking soft drinks and beverages. I grabbed a Cola and a Fanta for Crystal, and we took our seats. I was happy to find out that I was seated right next to Cho. Bingo!

Stephen Styles walked up to the stage. "Quiet down, everyone. Before we start, I would like to thank our star, Cho Zen, for agreeing to come to Montreal to work on this project. I would also like to thank all of you for making it here. Enjoy!" Stephen went to his seat and the movie started.

Cho sat down too and she watched the movie, trying to ignore me when I tried to whisper to her about it. Finally I just sat and watched, and Crystal rested her head on my shoulder. Then I got an idea.

What is Cho was jealous?

I took Crystal's hand and held it, rubbing my thumb across her palm. Cho did nothing.

When the girl almost died of anorexia, I held Crystal close and stroked her hair, for she was crying. Cho looked at us and then shivered. Ha.

When the fairy (Cho) got married, it was my moment to shine. I took Crystal's face and kissed her. And she kissed back. Perfect.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Cho watching us. Then a tear rolled down her cheek, and she got up and ran out of the theater. People stared, and I stopped kissing Crystal. She smiled, but I didn't. I had gone, maybe, a LITTLE too far.

Cho's POV (skipping Armani, she didn't have the heart to come!)

I couldn't stand it. I should have been the one Jake was kissing. NOT Crystal. He should have been holding MY hand, and comforting ME. Not HER.

I didn't know where to go, so I just sat down inside my limo with Gibson. I didn't have the heart to go to the after party. They were just going to miss me.

Gibson decided to take me home. I was totally fine with it. Mom wasn't home, and I was fine with that, too. I walked up the stairs and into my room. Then I slid into bed. I wasn't going to sleep well.

I woke up in the afternoon. Mom was in her room, packing her bags. I walked in and sat on her bed.

"Hey, honey."


"Where were you last night?"

I cringed. I knew that question was coming.

"Something came up. You know, relationship things."

We were silent for a moment, but then mom pulled me into a hug. I hugged her back.

"Now go finish packing."

I obliged and went back to my room. I packed all my things into my travel bags. I took off the dress I was wearing and put on a t-shirt and sweatpants instead.

In about five hours, we had gotten on our plane, talked to some famous people I knew, and landed in West Oak. I wasn't that eager to go back home, but I had to, right?

I ran up the stairs, skipping the elevator, and into my room.

"Home bitter home," I said. There was nothing different about it. I laid down on my bed and was about to go to sleep when my phone rang. "Darn," I said while picking up.


"What? Anyway, this is Jake. I'm across the hall, so..."

"So what?"

"Can we talk?"

I sighed, got up, and walked straight into Jake's room. He had his phone in his hand, so he just threw it on the couch.


"Look, Cho- I'm really sorry about yesterday."

"Why'd you do it, since you're so sorry?"

"I-I just wanted to see if you were...jealous."


He gulped. "Yeah."

I got up and was about to slap him when I put my hand back. "Looks like you got what you wanted."

Jake nodded his head.
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