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Have not written one of these since the Vietnam Era.
Dear Soldier Boy,

Sitting here thinking about you and this latest war that America finds itself knee deep into, and I wonder just how we got into this mess.

I know we fight for our freedom on all shores, and sometimes we cannot see the forest for the trees.  What we want, what we need, and what we are fighting for is right in front of our faces.  I thought freedom was all I needed to make it in this world, and then I learned that freedom has a lot of meanings.  Freedom to act and think in a certain manner.  Freedom to practice religion.  Freedom to marry.  Freedom to live in any neighborhood without fear.  Freedom to own a car.  Freedom to work a job and expect to get paid.  These are very important freedoms, and I cherish everyone of them.

However, there is another kind of freedom that no war can provide, no congressman can legislate, and no president can sign into law.  That freedom, my friend, is freedom of mind, body, and soul.  When your mind is free, your body can be in chains, and you will still soar like an eagle.  When your soul is free, you can dream dreams and capture those dreams.  When your mind and soul are free, your body can be free even when it is in bondage.

As I think about you in this war, the weapons you carry, the lives that you will have to take to save your own, and to protect the Country we both call home, I am praying for your freedom.  I don't want you to walk around burdened down with your thoughts about this war, and the family and friends you left behind to go fight this war.  I want your mind to be free.  I want your soul to be free, and through the freedom of your mind and soul, your body will also be free.

Serving overseas is hard.  It's exciting, and it's new.  When the dark comes and you are lying there in your sleeping bag or bunk bed, I want you to know that I am praying for your freedom just as much as I am praying for your safety.  I want you to take on your faith and your freedom as armors, and to wrap them around you in your mind and in your heart.  With these two main pillars holding you together, and those prayers that we both have prayed, you will know that no harm can touch you for you are free and safe.

War is hell.  However, with the love I am sending to you in this letter, and the faith I have for you and your safety, you will not go through hell during your stay in that war torn country.  You will wake up each day to a bright new dawn, and descend each night into the comforts of your sleep knowing that you are free. 

Soldier Boy, stay safe, live free, and hurry back home to those who love you, miss you, and stand ready to receive and embrace you back with open arms!

Love always,

G. B. Williams
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