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The Brainstormers are a new group at Writing.com.

One Special Group

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a brainstorm? It can be a great thing if you are looking for ideas to organize into an article. However, from my experience, I'd say a brainstorm can become overwhelming. There is a particular kind of brainstorm I'm referring to: that kind of emotional storm that generates chaos and confusion instead of creation.

One can't mention the term "mental health" without people instantly conjuring up negative images. Despite available good information on mental illness in 2012, many people still project a social stigma on to us. Today, I think our society should be more accepting, and not be fearful of us. In many ways, we aren't so different. We just have a different component to deal with in our lives.

Those of us who have been diagnosed with a "mental challenge" have many things in common. Whether you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, ADD/ADHD, schizophrenia, anorexia, bulimia...(and the list goes on), your daily life routine may be a bit different from the "average" human. There's a kindred spirit among those who understand what I'm trying to describe.

The "Brainstormers" group was created as a safe place for those with the "mental" label to vent frustrations, to comfort, to share, and to just be there to listen compassionately. It helps to know you are not alone. The group consists of those with a diagnosis, and for family and friends of those who are effected by the mental challenge issue.

Mission Statement

We are here to support one another, to learn from one another, and to guide one another.

We are here to share our experiences, relate with one another, and realize that we are not alone.

We are here to shed light into someone's day, lift each other up, and encourage each other.

We are here to enjoy ourselves, communicate, play games, and have fun.

Do you want to see what this is all about? Follow the links to find out more.

The Brainstormers Group  (E)
A group for those with depression or mental illness. Friends and family welcome too.
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 Welcome Survey Brainstormers Group  (E)

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You have been invited by a (bipolar) sunflower in Texas AKA Patrice

ps. Nay-Sayers need not venture in. This is a support group.

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