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by Softly
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Jake gets more than he orders after a night out in town..
Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Jake, I'm an average sort of bloke, 6ft 3, solid build, short cropped hair and to be honest if I had to describe my looks I'd probably say athletic.

I've just been out on the town for a Friday night drink. I took the care and attention to make sure I looked the part, new hair, clean clothes, no curry the night before, clean shaven and most importantly, my best smile. And where did it get me? Absolutely nowhere! Even the rather drunk trollops in the wine bar didn't give me a second look. The joke with my mates has always been that if you couldn't pull on a Friday night then you really should give up and go home and consider yourself a joke, so, rather fed up with myself and feeling very much the joke I headed home.

The few beers I’d downed over the previous few hours were taking effect and the munchies had set in, so it was off to the kebab shop for my favourite, king prawn chilli kebab on naan. But, going in the kebab shop was when my evening took a rather extreme turn for the better. After relieving myself in the toilets I washed my hands and went to order my food. Being rather fed up with the world I didn't really take any notice of the girl behind the counter, I looked at the floor until she spoke to me to take my order, Oh My God, there she was... 

Izzy had legs that went on forever, thighs that were unbelievable shapely, an arse framed in her perfectly tight fitting skirt, but, my eyes just started at her amazing nipples. They were so hard and erect I had to stop myself calling out peanut smuggler!!! She spoke to me twice before I realized, she just giggled and waved them at me. Her eyes sparkled framed by her perfect china doll face, and her smile, oh her smile just made my heart melt. I suppose looking she just used me, but hell, what a way to be used!!

Now the point of me telling you what happened this evening is to show that miracles do actually happen, well, not miracles as such but you know what I mean. I've just had the most amazing evening being fucked senseless by Izzy, in a kebab shop of all places!!. It turns out she is a total nymphomaniac, I know it sounds crazy, but she actually went to work with steel jiggle balls in her pussy, I have never seen a woman so wet and so worked up.

This is how it happened...When I went in to the shop she had a glow about her, god she looked hot, I just could not take my eyes off of her. We sort of just clicked, I was the only customer in the shop and the banter started straight away. Her approach was to say the least direct, although on hindsight I guess she was checking out if I was game.

After handing me my food she leaned on the counter, the areola of her breasts peeking over the strained material as they almost fell out of her top. I’ll never forget her line, she said “So is that to give you the energy to fuck your girlfriend all night then?” I nearly choked on the meat I’d just started to chew, her directness just blew me away.. Clearing the food from my mouth I leaned on the counter facing her, she neither flinched or moved as I leaned on my elbows just a foot away. My reply was as equally direct, “I can always fuck my girlfriend all night long!” I said, her face falling a little as I hinted I had a girlfriend, but I continued “but I’m single at the moment..” her face lit back up and to my surprise  she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.

Izzy lifted the counter and wriggled past me brushing her breasts against my arms as she went. She dropped the latch on the door, I put both of my arms around her middle in slid them under her top onto her waist, as soon as I touched her skin she let out a quivering sigh. Her legs almost buckled as I kissed her neck, she grappled around my neck to hold on and not fall over, saying in an almost desperate voice at me that she wanted me. I felt my cock throb and swell. Being modest, I know I have a rather large member, at 10 inches in length it does have a habit of appearing above my belt when awaken. We kissed, god she knew how to kiss, her tongue flicked around my mouth as without another word being said she placed one of my hands on her breast and the other over her pussy.

I now know what happens if a woman is teased for 6 hours straight, I’ve never seen so much pussy juice. Every inch of her body was hyper sensitive, everything was so much more exaggerated, as if she just knew I’d know exactly what to do. As it happened she seemed to love everything I did to her, so maybe she was right, mind you, women usually are, not that I’d admit that openly, but they are!

Now, I’m a guy who likes to give oral as much as I get, Some women love it, some hate it, but nothing gets my cock so rock hard and throbbing as the warm and fragrant sweet scent of a pussy against my face. I love to tease, to fondle and caress, I love to run my tongue over the delicate folds of a woman’s labia and to take her clitoris in my mouth and suck it gently whilst running my hands all over her body before slowly placing little kisses all over her body.. Sorry, I digress, but that was how she made me feel.

The service in the shop was like no other service I’d ever had, he whole body was like a bomb waiting to go off, and my god did she go off. The second the latch dropped on the door she pressed herself against me, I could feel her erect nipples pressing into chest through her t-shirt and mine. She asked if I’d like anything else, I took a chance and guessed she didn’t mean food!

She was a woman who knew what she wanted, she made it clear from the start that she was in control and I was going to do exactly as instructed! Her skirt was short, I slid my hand under the hem and onto the front of her knickers, oh god she was wet, I removed my hand for a taste her juices before placing it back on her thigh and slowly tracing out with my finger the line between her thigh and her knickers. I lifted her so she was sat on the counter, her thighs wrapping around my waist locking her body against mine.

We kissed passionately, my fingers running over the centre of her knickers, her clitoris could easily be found and he knees gave a noticeable wobble every time I teased it. Sliding my hand along her thigh I let it stray under the delicate lace front of her almost transparent underwear, not a hint of a hair was to be found. my fingers easily glided between her pussy lips on the river of her juices. This is when she told me she had her toy in her pussy and it had made her sooo horney, I chuckled at the thought and slid my fingers onto her clitoris rubbing it quickly making her gasp as the nerve pulses thundered through her body.

I slid her legs from around my waist, not taking my eyes from hers I slid both of my hands onto her hips and began to peel her knickers from her body. As I removed them she leaned back, her legs locking back around me as I moved closer. I found the cord of her toy, i gently eased it out, the noise it made was absolutely wonderful, suck a satisfying slurp.

I undid my jeans, my cock already throbbing as it escaped its prison. Izzy reached down and took hold of my cock, smiling as what she just found she put the tip against her pussy and wrapped her legs tight around me forcing my cock deep into her tight wet pussy. As my cock stretched her pussy and my balls slapped against her arse she came, and fuck did she come, god knows what anyone who could hear must have thought. “God I needed that!” she blurted out, her body still quivering as she relaxed the grip of her thighs around my waist.
My throbbing cock was still buried deep in her pussy, I begin to thrust in and out but she began to giggle uncontrollably, I stopped moving. Izzy relaxed and jokingly wagged her finger at me saying “and that’s what happens when you leave toys in your pussy for too long!” she moved her heels onto my shoulders “now fuck me properly” she demanded. Of course I was happy to obey.

The counter was the perfect height, with each thrust izzy squeaked with delight, the pitch of her groans getting higher and higher with each passing minute of my cock pounding into her pussy. I must say, it was the best fuck I’d ever had, but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer.

I felt Izzys pussy clamp hard around my cock as an intense wave of ecstasy thundered through her body, the electrifying charge making her gasp for mercy but she still managed to blurt out “if you fucking stop I’ll kill you!” half sobbing, half giggling she leaned up on her elbows looking straight into my eyes.. she moved her hand onto her pussy, her fingers around my cock as it slid in and out of her, it felt so good.
The feeling just sent me over the edge, holding my cock deep in her pussy I came, izzy groaned as she could feel my come hitting the top of her pussy. Wrapping her legs back around my waist she milked me dry, as each gush left my cock she tightened her grip around my waist fucking herself with my body not letting a drop escape.

We both were left breathless, as she released the grip of her thighs around my waist I finally slipped from her pussy. She wriggled to the edge of the counter and stood up, grabbing me as her jelly like legs just didn’t want to work. Holding her in my arms we kissed, the kiss just got more and more passionate, her hand reaching down onto my softened cock gliding around the come covered tip made me so horney again.

It didn’t take long and the blood began to pump back into my cock, Izzy massaged my cock harder and harder as we kissed until I was solid and throbbing again.. “hmmmm... you are very excitable” she told me, “but you have to put it away..” my heart sank a little but then she made her intentions clear.. “my shift finishes in 5 minutes, let me lock up and I’ll meet you out front.”

We both put our clothes back on, Izzy couldn’t resist stroking the slippery glistening tip of my cock as it peeked about the waistband of my jeans before pushing me out of the door and bolting it behind me.

To be honest I thought that was it, I waited outside 10 minutes, feeling more and more used, but then again, what a way to be used. I was about to leave, but then she appeared.. Running up to me she flung her arms around my neck and jumped up clamping her thighs around my waist.

She kissed me, more gently this time. But then she did something I really didn’t expect. She said to me “So then Jake, Where are you taking me now?” But, how did she know my name? It turns out she had fancied me for ages and had been waiting for me to come into the shop, the toy in her pussy was for my benefit and I’d never known, shagging somebody in the front of the shop was a one time event.

Needless to say we are still very much together, we keep finding new and interesting places to keep the spark alive, we only got arrested once but that is a whole new different story!

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