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Akiyo has a dream, a mysteryous man shows himself, he feels safe but she doesnt see a face
                                Choosing Chaos - Mysterious Guy

      The darkness was cold and depressing, I couldn’t see 3 inches in front of me and the ground was wet with what id think  is water. My feet were bare and the water came up to my ankles. I wrapped my arms around myself and stepped forward. I didn’t know were I was going but maybe with walking I could find some were I could see. Each step I took echoed with the sound of a drop of liquid hitting the surface of the water. No matter how far I walked I couldn’t see anything, the darkness never let up. My feet froze with cold. My skin had bin coated in Goosebumps long ago and I was beginning to slow down.
  “Some one help” I said through torn lips chapped by the cold. My legs stopped and felt very heavy. I tried taking another step but my legs gave out sending me falling into the water. The wet soaked through my clothes, and I shivered. My fingers gripped my arms, my shoulders slouched at a V angle and I pulled myself into a hug. My head bowed and I closed my eyes tyte. My hair fell from behind my shoulders and covered my face. The tips flouted ever so slightly in the water. My throat grew thick with tears, as my eyes leaked water. Warm tears ran down my face. “Any one….” I cried sobbing.
    “Akiyo…” a male voice whispered through out the darkness. My head lifted quickly and I looked for the voice. “Hello?”
  From in front of me I saw movement, the tips of black hair caressed my sight, a tan muscular arm reached out and lightly stroked my pale face.
  “My dearest Akiyo, do not cry”
“Who are you!” I said my voice raising as I moved forward leaning on one arm as the other extended tords the figure. As my fingers brushed through the black tips warmth seared through my hand giving it feeling agen and taking it away from the cold depths of this abyss.
  The hand entangled itself in my hair , as I looked tords were my hand flouted a tan skin pressed agenst it soft and warm, strong cheek bones tensed agenst my touch. The black hair, light as a feather brushed agenst my hand as a soft fir.
    A jolt sent me forward in my bed and crashing into a body.  “Akiyo” Sakura said with worry as her hand clasped around my shoulders.  “Are you alright? “She spoke touching my face and then taking it away and holding it in front of me. The light cot her hand and I saw that it was wet.
  “You were crying” she spoke looking at me concerned. I lifted my hand and touched my face. It was in fact wet. “Akiyo?” Sakura asked agen, as I looked to her face she was generally worried. “Im ok, just a dream”
    “Are you shire?” I gave her a smile smile. “Yes”
“Alright” she said hugging me, “You’re in the room with me this half of the day”
  “Alright” I smiled a little more. After having that type of dream it was good to have Sakura around. Plus I usually got work done faster with her around. Getting out of bed I went to the shower I untied the tie in the back of the dress I wore and my clothes dropped to the floor.  The water had bin turned on by Sakura wile I grabbed fresh clothes. I walked into the mostly hot water. The water hit my skin and washed all the dirt off. My head hung low and the water soaked my hair making it fall over my face.
  “That was just a dream right?” I asked myself. But if it was just a dream why could I feel the touch of the hand and the skin on my own hand? My mind clouded with thoughts of the dream. He called me his dearest, who could say that about me?
    “Akiyo time to go” Sakura called in.
  “Be right out” I called back. Putting my thoughts aside I turned off the water and dried myself off. My dress was white with laces up the sides that tied at the top.  Walking out Sakura had put all of our cleaning supplies on one cart and was ready.  I smiled at her, “You always do things quickly.” She smiled back and stepped away from the cart. “I had to make time for your hair, you don’t take proper care of it, come sit down” she said sitting on my bed.  Sakura was a few years older then me, she had an hour glass figure, skinny, brown hair to her mid back, hazel eyes that could see strait through you, and a wonderful personality to match all that. She was brot hear as a slave from a different house. Shed bin a servant her entire life. She didn’t talk about her past much probably because there really wisent anything to really tell. As I went to her side and sat down, Sakura started to brush through my hair.  Each time she brushed in a single line shed run her hands through to make shere it was all out. By the time she got done I was already falling asleep. See I had a thing with my hair if some one messes with it to long I tend to start falling asleep. I don’t know what makes me fall asleep but weather it’s in the morning mid day or night the result is always the same.
  Sakura put down the brush and stood up. “Time to work, were in the lords room this time” he chipper ness surprised me.
    That was one of the worst rooms to do, the lord always checked theory that everything was in place and everything was done and if it wisent you were punished.  Sakura must have seen my worried look cuz she walked tords me, wrapped me in one of her hugs and squeezed. “Well be ok” she released me and smiled.
      We arrived at the lord’s room; it was always kept at the best possible temperature. So win we opened the door we were welcomed by a warm surrounding.
Sakura stationed the cart outside of the room, and brot in what we needed to use to clean.
We made small talk and worked our ways around the room taking turns on each side of the room going from top to bottom.
      At about noon we stopped to eat lunch. I was never really hungry but Sakura always got the best food from the kitchen, secret is she is close to the chef. But no one really knows for shere she won’t even tell me if the rumors are true or not. Wile eating one of the girls had gone buy and asked Sakura to talk. So as she was talking I dozed off and indeed up staring at the wall like a total zombie. That was until something cot my eye and I looked tords the door. Tips of black hair passed buy, the dream flooded back and something in me screamed to fallow it. Getting up quickly I ran to the door and flew past Sakura. There was no one in the hall, I stopped short and looked a Sakura.
    “Did a man just walk by?”
“Yes, why?”
      “Did they have black hair?”
“Yes, Wh...” she didn’t have time to finish as I turned and ran down the hall. It was a one way hall way and only had one turn, wisent I lucky. Once I got to the corner I turned hallways with Sakura yelling after me. The hall way was empty, “One more hallway and ill stop” I told myself as I continued to run down the hallway. Making yet another turn I spotted the hair making, wait… yet another turn. “Stop walking” I spoke out of breath but ran down the hall, my heart hammered in my chest at the chance to find out who was in my dream. As I turned the corner I slammed right into some one.
  “What in gods name...” a man said and then stopped. I looked up and saw Shinta. My eyes were wide and traveled down to his hair, which happened to be at his butt. As I stared at the tips of his hair, I hurd a guard next to him chuckle a little. Drawing my eyes away from his hair I looked at them. The other guard was looking at me with a smile.
    “Some one has there eyes one you Shinta” the man spoke.  My eyes widened, oh my god his hair was at his butt. To others it must look like im staring at him. Red flushed on my cheeks.
    “No that wisent it” I said backing up. “Of cores not” the guard said with sarcasm.
Shinta was staring at me with a look in his eyes I couldn’t read, Oh no! my minds yelled, I baked up agen with clearance of the hall. I turned and ran quickly down the hallways and right past Sakura who was quick and grabbed my arm.
“Akiyo what is wrong?”  she asked. Shinta and his friend came in view of the hall way,
“In the room” I said as I jerked my arm away and ran to the lord’s room. I collapsed on the wall outside of the room and Sakura arrived at my side.  I had begun to cry and was hiding my face in my hands. My shoulders started to shake as I sobbed. “Sakura I did something terrible “I said not taking my hands away.
    “What’s wrong?” she asked pulling me to her.
“The dream, it’s making me all weird and now that guard that was down the hall thinks im one of thoughts girls who is always in the halls at night”
    “Why would he think that?” she asked stroking my hair.
“I was looking at his hair and it was long and down to his butt”
  “Calm down Aki” she spoke in a mothering tone.  Aki was always the nick name she used for me win she was trying to calm me down.
  “hear come, well finish the room and well take a break outside before the second shift starts” she said wiping my tears. I nodded and she helped me up.

After we had finished the room Sakura took the cart back down to the room wile I waited by the front hall, hoping Shinta didn’t show up.
  After Sakura arrived we headed out side. It wisent clear blue skies but a musty clouded sky that was sprinkling water.
  “Oh, it’s raining. We should go back in” Sakura said but the moment a drop of water landed on me I was drawn outside. Stepping out from under the house landing I was taken in buy the water drops. Some part of me felt like it was right to be outside, it felt free and that something about it called to me.
  Looking up at the sky I could see the rain drops falling to the earth and landing on the soft fresh grass.
“Aki come inside”
    “alright” I said walking tords her. Looking down at my feet as I walked a shadow passed over me. Looking up I stopped, as I stared at the sky the wind blew and I realized a black feather flouting down from the sky. As it came down and was eye level I saw a faint golden glow around it. I picked it out of the air, and walked over to Sakura.
  “Could you please make this into a necklace?”
“This feather?”
“Are you shere? What if it came from something infested?”
    “Its ok,” I spoke. I found myself in some what of a trace, looking at the feather.
“Sakura, Akiyo! Second shift is starting” May yelled from the second floor window.
  I focused agen and looked at Sakura, “I didn’t check what my second shift was”
“Let’s go look then”
  We walked inside and walked to the servant hall were the sifts were separated. Looking for my name I froze upon seeing my name under kitchen staff and labeled server.
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