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A storm is casing chaos ouside the house, Akiyo is flung down, and Shinta is there to help
                          Choosing Chaos - The Room

The next day I was in a room on one of the top floors near most of the studies and the library. The room was dim and it was one id never done before. I was rarely put on the top floors, I didn’t no why but I didn’t complain. That was a lot of stairs to carry a huge cart up. Win I first got to the room I just stared for a few moments, it was obviously a woman’s room. The bed had a silk misty blue blanket on it, that had a cherry blossom branch going from the middle to the top corner. Was very gorgeous. There was a few flower vases on two twin tables placed on either side of two balcony doors. Who ever had this room must have bin very high up next to the lord, not even soldiers got these types of rooms. Now being in this room almost an hour an a half I was finally to scrubbing the floors. The wind outside had picked up and was rattling the doors. Getting up I looked outside there was a thunderstorm booming outside and id looked just in time for lightning to light up the sky showing me just how dreary it was out there. Id went back to scrubbing the floors and was working on a tuff spot that was just under the bed.
The wind banged agenst the doors and sent them flying open and banging agenst the twin tables. My body froze, the vases were moving. If they broke id get blamed and severally beaten. I ignored the gusting wind that was coming through the doors and went for the vases grabbing one I ran to the other just as it was falling.  I gently laid them on the bed and went to shut the doors. The rain had gotten on the inside floor and was making it hard for me to walk steadily on the ground. The wind was blowing my hair in every direction making it so I couldn’t see and rain was pounding on me.
Some were in the midst of that I found my self yelling for help as I struggled to shut the doors on the wind and rain. The bedroom door flew open distracting me form the twin doors. Catching a glance at a body coming tords me a thing of thunder crashed above the house scaring me. I lost my grip on the door knobs and slipped on the wet ground. I screamed as I fell to the ground. Arms landed under my body before I fully landed but not before my head cracked agenst the marble floor. Pain spread through my head and black filled my vision. My hearing was buzzing but as I tried to concentrate I could hear my name.
  “Akiyo!”  The black was clearing and distorting other parts of my vision. As it cleared in the middle I cot long hair, dark.
“Sak….” My voice cut off with more pain to my head.
  “Don’t speak”
I could barley hear the crashing storm outside over the buzz.
“I…. cant… he...ar, its…buzzing”
  “Can you see?” the voice buzzed. I nodded slightly and brot my hand to my head as more pain came.
“Im going to pick you up”
“Ok” then it ocerd to me Sakura couldn’t pick me up. “Who…”
“Its Shinta” just then I felt myself being lifted and being carried.
“What are….” Light stormed my sight sending more pain to my head. “Ahhh….” I turned my head and tried to escape it. Soft material and the same cologne filled my senses.
“Akiyo don’t speak and stop struggling”  moving my head to the other side I got more light.
“Light” I spoke moving my head agen. I felt Shinta move some and then something draped over my face covering my face from the light. I stopped moving and rested my head agenst Shinta, the pain subsided and as far as I could hear wed moved into part of the house were others were around. Closer to the servant quarters, no doubt. Ingerd servants are brot to the servant rooms and are brot a healer.
“Oh….dness, Akiy..?” my hearing was breaking up more and more as things got louder.
“Ple….do...t….lk…uch” I cot Shinta saying.  Then I realized I was being lowered. I felt the sheets of my bed touch my body and a hand slowly releasing me to the pillow. A few seconds later the cloth was taken off of my eyes. The surrounding were dark and I saw a few figures.
“Akiyo? Are you ok?”
“Head hurts” I said with a grown. “What happened to her?” Sakuras voice asked, the buzz lessened and I could hear the feminine in it.
“She fell and her head hit the marble floor hard, im surprised she wisent bleeding”
One of the figures reached forward and placed her hand on my forehead. The touch was genital.
“Its me Aki” she spoke then she gasped. “Her head is extremely hot.”
“Go get a healer” Shinta demanded. Sakura ran out of the room and down the hall.
My hand traveled to my neck and searched for the feather. Not feeling anything I began to panic my hand franticly searched my neck.
“Akiyo, what’s wrong?”
“Wear’s the necklace?!”
“What necklace?”
“The feather!” I said sitting up quickly and moving off of the bed.
“Don’t move!” Shinta said demanding. “I need it” I said panic in my voice.
“I’ll look for it, just lay down” hesitantly I got back on the bed and laid back down. Shinta pulled the blanket from at the edge of the bed and laid it on me.
“It’s black on a silver chain” I spoke looking at him.
“Win the healer and Sakura get back I’ll go back to the room”
I nodded and stared at him.  My vision had cleared some and I could now see the concern in his eyes. And then I remembered why I had avoided him in the first place.
“The other day...” I started but Shinta held up his hand. “Its alright”
“It wisent what your friend said, I was looking at yr hair” 
Shinta looked confused “why my hair?”
“It reminded me of something”
Shinta nodded and didn’t press the conversation any further. A few minutes after Sakura and the Healer walked in. Once the healer began seeing what was wrong Shinta left.
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