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Rated: 13+ · Serial · Horror/Scary · #1880636
Post modern story. Inspired by my dreams, and exaggerated in a fictional manner.
It's difficult to decipher what is going on in my head right now. I had a dream that you saved my life. Just saved my life. I'm not even sure what inspired such a dream, or how you came about to appear in it. And suddenly since this dream, you have appeared quite beautiful to me.

It was a weird world of which my dream was set in. It was almost post-apocalyptic. People were trying to kill me, they didn't even give a reason. But, I suppose a true psychopath doesn't really need one, they just like the lust for the kill. I remember, I had ran away from something- I was already in hiding. I'd decided to hide in this campus that had once belonged completely to a university, but now had co-owner ship of the place with a weird society. I don't fully understand what the society stood for, what it was, or why it existed. I just know that within the society, was another society, set out to save those that the prior society was setting out to kill.

I remember discovering the place, and asking for a place to stay, thinking it was a sort of hotel, as that was how it appeared. I was given a room, with a bed, a book case, and a faux leather chair. It had two doors to the room, only one was blocked by the bookcase. I spent much time after my arrival meeting people in the common room, conversing with people. On my fifth night at staying at the place, I discovered someone I had known from my past had previously stayed there, and then disappeared. Their disappearance interested me greatly. It didn't make sense- they had nothing to hide from in their life. I couldn't comprehend what would bring them to such a place, so far away from their home. I questioned the reasons behind why they would have stayed there- I didn't believe what they told me.

The people there didn't like me doing so. They got angry with me, and suddenly I found myself running through corridors, trying to escape these people that were in a mood with me. I was pulled into a room by some other people- people I had previously spoken to in the common room. They explained to me that I was in danger, that I already knew too much just by being linked to the friend of mine that had previously come to this place. The next thing I knew, the people who had just spoken to me- a teenager with red hair, a woman with brunette hair, and a man with blonde hair- dropped to the floor. Suddenly. I couldn't understand what had struck them down until I saw the red headed girl lying on her stomach, motionless with an arrow sticking through her back. And then you appeared, you pulled me to the floor, and I looked up to see an arrow in the wall, about the place my head would have been. You yanked me by my hand, and quite forcefully pulled me across the room and through a door that was on the other side of the room. You lead me through corridor after corridor, all along being chased by these people with the arrows. I couldn't see them, but I could hear them. I was unbelievably calm, like I had expected such an occurrence- yet another thing to run from.

We entered a bathroom full of sinks, and toilet cubicles. I took a moment to catch my breath, and noticed that the back of the bathrooms wall temporarily disappeared and revealed a deserted school corridor framed with lockers. The room didn't seem right- the only lighting was from a window in the ceiling. It was not the typical display of an average school corridor. I turned to point it out to you, you looked at me like I was unusual, and by the time you turned to look at where I was pointing, it had disappeared. I noticed that my time was seemingly surrounded by disappearances, which made me partially laugh. I felt guilty, because I didn't seem sickened by the deaths of the people that had been killed. Perhaps I was still in shock. We didn't wait around long in the bathroom.

You scoped out the corridor we'd come in through, made sure it was safe to leave that way, and then pulled me by my arm, back to my room. I lost so much time, not really paying attention to my surroundings, trying to figure out what had just happened. Why were you there? I tried to ask you. You blanked my question, and locked my door. You told me that they don't know where my room is, that I should be safe. I got angry, and asked again why you were there. You looked at me, shocked I had such composure, as if you didn't expect me to wonder why you were there. You caved in and told me that this was what you were meant for- you got sucked into it when you realised the university was harbouring some dark corners on its campus. You had a friend that used to go to this university, and then they got shifted out of this building, into recently built dorms. You were visiting them when you got pulled into this new world. I understood that time was of the essence, so I didn't question anything more.

We heard a bang somewhere in the distance. It made me jump, and shook the room. I fell into you. You caught me by the arm to stop me from falling. And then you kissed me. You just kissed me. I couldn't understand it, you'd met me only previously before the encounter at this place. And yet you seemed to just click. Or maybe it was because you'd saved my life. I didn't know. I just felt really appreciative, and frightened at the same time. Though my outward appearance was relatively calm, I was quivering inside. I could hear shouts in the building, and many screams. You kissed me again, you lingered on, almost as though you were afraid to let go. You'd grabbed me into a hug. You let go as a loud explosion was heard outside of the door. I had this urge to shout out that I loved you. Which was strange. I didn't do so, but the urge was so overpowering. I had to actually bite my tongue. I don't know what was happening. I screamed when another explosion rang outside my room, this time so close my ears started ringing. You pulled me into the chair, and told me you had to check something. You left the room, being sure to lock the door behind you.

I waited, just sitting there. I tried to sort out the mess going on inside of my head. Everything just wasn't making sense. It was too fantastical to be reality, surely? I heard someone bang at the door behind my bookcase. They shouted something, sounding very much like you. But I was suspicious, and looked through the peep-hole. They looked like you, except for the eyes. The eyes were different. He was with two other men. I backed away from the bookcase, and ran to the other side of the room, and out of the other door. I ran through so many corridors, until I tripped. I whacked my head on the floor. Feeling sick, I felt the atmosphere strangely calming, but struggled to get up and walk. And then you were there, you'd ran to where I was. And yet again, you grabbed me by the arm, and hurried me through the corridor, and into another room. I don't understand how you came to be here, you told me. I couldn't grasp what you were saying. Why would I not be here? It was no secret that I was unhappy at home, it was only a matter of time before I sought an escape away from it. I relayed this to you. No, no- I get that, you said, I just don't understand why you'd arrive here. You have no connections to anyone here, and they're persistent on killing you. You told me it didn't make sense. None of it. I was too tired to care.

And then I woke up. But it was still vivid in my mind, and something about it seemed to real to merely be a dream. And you still have no idea that you were there, in my dream.
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