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What if you lived two different lives because of your two totally different parents? 13+
Chapter One Of The Devil Doesn't Wear White

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My red high heels were getting extremely hot. Even though I was used to the burning feeling doesn't mean it was pleasant. The heat shot up into my knees then went straight up to my hips. I gritted my teeth and kept walking. My yellow skirt, which was close to catching on fire, was starting to give me a burn. I sighed. I must seem almighty to everyone but inside I am dying. It burned through my black shirt and past my red tank top. The heat sped up to my face and what made it even worse was: the heat would easily frizz up my hair! I know, I know. That is something I shouldn't worry about...blah blah blah. I've heard it before. But I would rather worry about my frizzy hair then the heat that is burning me alive or the fact that I am getting closer to that door.
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