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An encounter in a pub leads to an unexpected outcome.
The Friday evening crowd began to filter into the pub. Seated next to the drinks counter, Mike studied the happy faces around him especially the women. Unfortunately, most of them seemed to be accompanied. It had been a long time since he had had a woman, six months to be precise, ever since he left his native New York. Long chats with his girlfriend back home did little to relieve the pain of forced abstinence. The sensual beauty of Indian women made his task even tougher.

He continued to scan for a target until he spotted an unaccompanied woman drinking and smoking at a corner table. God, let the drought end today, he prayed and quickly moved to her table before any other male could stake a claim.

The disco lights made it difficult for him to see the woman's face, but he had eyes only for her blue blouse which showed a lot of cleavage. “Can I sit here?” Mike asked her.

Mike noticed the tip of her cigarette glow as she took in a long breath. Then, she sexily blew out smoke through her red lips and motioned him to take the chair opposite her. Now, he noticed the large diamond wedding ring on her fingers. A neglected horny wife, Mike thought, his heart warming up with the prospects of bedding her. He had never had sex with an Indian woman before, and he had often wondered what it would be like to explore their dusky bodies.

“Hi, I’m Mike.”

"Manisha,” she responded in a friendly voice. Seated close, he could make out even in the dim lights of the pub, her almond-shaped eyes and sensuous lips. From time to time, she would touch and caress her waist-length black hair. He found the action inviting and sexy. She drank what appeared to be whisky.

She leaned forward placing her elbows on the table and asked, "Where here are you from, Mike?"

"I am from the US," he replied.

"Which city?"

"New York."

"What are you doing in Delhi?"

"I'm an economics student pursuing a doctoral thesis on the role of emerging economies in the new world order."

"Oh, really. Sounds interesting," she said looking visibly impressed.

Mike wasn't sure whether she was really interested in him. He knew it was a trick which women used to ensnare unsuspecting prey. She certainly looked like a cougar on the prowl, but probably his desperation for a woman was beginning to tell. He felt pleased at the way she looked at him with awe.

"What about you, Manisha?" asked Mike.

She just brushed her hand away, sipped from her glass and replied, "I'm just an ordinary housewife."

With a rich husband undoubtedly, Mike surmised looking at her ring and thinking about the exorbitant entry fee to the pub.

They chatted for some more time with Mike beginning to enjoy her company. A couple of times she giggled and laughed at his jokes, and he noticed that she was a beautiful woman with a dazzling smile. Mike requested her for a dance when the DJ played a popular number. She stubbed out her cigarette and stood up. He followed her to the dance floor, watching her tight butt sway within a denim miniskirt. They grinded their bodies against each other while gyrating to the music. Her hand brushed across his hardness several times. Finally, he asked, “Your place or mine?”


The moment they entered the elevator of his apartment, Mike pulled her into his arms and kissed her. They continued kissing till the lift stopped at his floor. Reaching the door to the flat, Mike struggled with the key because their mouths and arms were entwined in a writhing mass. He managed to enter his flat, kicked the door shut and switched on the lights. The bright illumination allowed him to have a better look at his beautiful partner. He placed her age in the late thirties.

Manisha had already unbuttoned his shirt. He responded by removing her blouse which had teased him all evening. Her large breasts stretched against the silken fabric of her bra which he reached behind and unclasped. Honey-colored shapely mounds sprang before his eyes. They were one of the best pair of natural assets he had ever seen in a woman.

Mike squeezed the spongy beauties and pinched the chocolaty brown nipples. She moaned softly and her body quivered. He pushed her onto the sofa and nursed at her bosom till his heart’s content. Then, he unhooked her skirt. She raised her ass so he could slide off the tiny piece of denim. The absence of panties didn’t shock him.

Yanking her legs apart, he gazed at her bald womanhood which glistened with excitement. The musky aroma drove him wild. He buried his face between her thighs, nibbled upon her clit and licked her heady essence. Her fingers caressed his thick hair while soft moans escaped from her

He rose and swiftly undressed. The sight of his engorged tool made her eyes gleam. Balancing his right knee on the edge of the sofa, he placed his left feet on the floor and prepared to claim her married body.

Manisha placed her right leg on his shoulder. Mike clasped her right shin like a handle and guided his hardness into the moist flesh of her womanhood. The room drowned in the animal sounds of their coupling. Using deep strokes he precipitated her climax, and her convulsing vaginal muscles soon made him spill his own seed deep within her womb.

Carnal desires fed, they moved to the bedroom and commenced a bout of languorous lovemaking until sleep overwhelmed their tired bodies. When Mike woke up, Manisha had already left. Memories of the previous night brought a smile to his face. It was a classic one night stand, but it had considerably calmed his libido. He regretted not asking her number.


A few days later, circumstances pitched Manisha before Mike once again. He had accepted an invitation to his classmate Deepak’s house. When Deepak introduced him to his parents, Mike was aghast to see his mother. She was Manisha. Her face betrayed no signs of recognition. Though, a far cry from the bold woman in the bar, she looked absolutely stunning in her blue sari.

Throughout the evening, Mike had eyes only for Manisha who finally motioned him to follow her inside the house. They disappeared into a room and locked the door behind him.

“I missed you, Manisha. Why did you vanish?”

“I just wanted release,” she replied.

“You never thought of me after that night,” he asked.

Her pursed lips told him that she did. “You're my son's friend. I realized when I saw your class photo in the shelf of your living room. I was looking for a pen and paper to scribble my number when I saw it. You were sleeping."

“He needn’t know,” he replied.

"Is that a promise?”


Their lips pressed. She fumbled for his fly. The fear of discovery further stoked the fires of forbidden lust. There was no going back now.

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