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Something that happened in my life
I Committed a Sin


Have you heard of 'The Butterfly Effect'?

     I became aware of the term when a college mate of mine told of it after his watching Kamal Haasan's Dasaavatharam, a new release then. He told me that it was the effect that explained the creation of a hurricane by movement of a butterfly's wings. I asked how. His exact answer was: "Imagine a butterfly flapping its wings. Now, integrate the flaps between the limits of infinity. There you get a hurricane".

     Honestly, I did not get the hurricane.

     That's the way it is with engineering students in India. Rather than telling they don't know, they spice up their pointless answer with 'integration' and stuff. I, myself being an Indian engineer too, nodded steadily for my part, as though the most normal thing in the world that I knew was a butterfly cooking up a ravaging storm with a flick of its wings.

     Later, when I came to know about the theory, I became amused. Because, the idea does not stay within the bounds of science. The presence of the effect is too conspicuous to ignore in human life. It is a theory that explains the creation or direction of a storm being decided by a butterfly's wing movement, thousands of miles away, days or weeks or months ago.

     Speaking of that, in every one of our lives, thousands of butterflies flap their wings every single minute, with or without our knowledge, on purpose or accidental from our part. Most of them are inconsequential; they progress to nothing in their wake, soon dissipating into oblivion before we know it. But, some do not dwindle as opposed to their diminutive cause, offhanded or otherwise. They trigger something else, which further branches on to magnify the intensity, kicking off a chain reaction that never stops until the entirety of our life suffers a drastic change out of it. All started from a small nudge; The Butterfly Effect.

     This account, or novel, or biography, whichever way it could be called best, tries to explore the stages of the Effect on one particular aspect in my life. Owing to the changes of names and filling of events that slipped my memory with tints of imagination, this is more appropriately a novel woven out of a part of my life.

     And this is, once again, an addition to the prevalent zillion Indian love stories. Still, it is unique in its own way(at least for me!).
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