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Love and loss with a possible regain of love. Will Lisa win back the boy of her dreams?
I lie in bed and think about him all night long. I lay awake, calmly and quietly, remembering. Our last kiss. Our last hug. The last time we held hands. The last time you held me close to you. The last "I love you." Quietly remembering, these thing I cant forget. He was my earth, my wind, my fire, and my water. He was the reason I woke up in the morning, and the reason I slept peacefully at night. See, heres how the story goes...

I met him at a Kmart. He was the bag boy. We were both nineteen, and I was really upset. I walked into the store, warm, damp tears dripping down my face. I couldnt help it. My mother and I had just gotten into a huge fight. She told me to get out, (forgetting of course that I pay the rent), and that she hates me and never wanted to see me again. I told her that I hoped she never spoke to me again, and that I would gladly leave for a bit. I got into my car, and left. I just... drove. I didnt know where I was going or what I was doing, I just drove. I was really upset and I was crying pretty hard, so I pulled into the Kmart shopping plaza because the last thing I wanted to do is crash. When I got there, I decided I needed some comfort food, so with tears streaming down my face, and silently sobbing, I walked in.

When I saw him, I forgot my problems. Our eyes met, and for some strange reason, I was drawn to him. I grabbed a vault, and a bag of cheetos, and walked over to the check out line that he was in, because I wanted to see him up close. I reached the line he was standing in, all too quickly.

"Hey. My name's David." he stated, even though he was wearing a name tag.

" Hey. I'm Lisa." And then my groceries were bagged and our time cut short. I was walking toward the doors, feeling a little dizzy from the encounter, when he called out

"Lisa!" I spun around and looked back at him; deep brown eyes, and short, curly brown hair.

" Yeah? " He handed me a folded up piece of paper. "Text me sometime?".

I stuttered, a little nervous,over my own words, as I said "Definetely".

As I walked back to my car, I was stunned. Still upset about my mom, I sat in my red Hybrid car for about five to ten minutes, eating my cheetos, and drinking my vault. Afterwards, I felt a little bit better, so I drove to my favorite place, Kilani's Bookshop. I got out of my car and practically ran into the brown and white, brick building. My comfort zone. I set my messenger bag full of stuff down onto the clean, white table under a bookshelf marked, "College Textbooks". The typical nerd.

I went over to the mini cafe inside the shop, and ordered a mocha coffee freeze. Two dollars and seventy five cents exactly, as always, and for the amount, its a steal. I go set it down at my table, and then stroll casually behind the bookshelves. I scan books rapidly, trying to think which would be the most useful for starting college in the spring. I pick out a heavy book with a dark blue cover and the words "College 101" written on the cover. *This sounds interesting* I think to myself. I crack the book open and take a sip of my mocha freeze. *My little peice of heaven*.

Hours pass in what feels like seconds, but soon I realize that I've finished my mocha freeze, and half of the book! I look down at my cellphone, and realize I have three missed calls. Guess who? My mom. Ignore. I walk up to the counter and purchase the book. Then I walk out slowly to my car. I drive back home, to my apartment. My apartment, where my mom is, because I have to lodge her there, until she gets back on her feet. The same apartment that she tried to kick me out of only hours earlier. I walk in and go straight to my room. My mom gives me a dirty look, when I walk past her. I can feel her calling me names in my mind.

When I get into my room, I pick up my bag, and find the number inside of it. I put it in my cell phone, and think about texting him. I will tommorow, I decide, and put my phone away. By now, it was 7 o clock, and I decided to give up on my mom, and go to bed.

I woke up after a long night of tossing and turning on my lumpy queen sized bed. I walked out into my dark gloomy living room and then transitioned into my bright and cheery kitchen. I began to make breakfast.

“Lisa?” I heard my mom question from the living room. “Is that you?”

“Yeah mom, who else would be in our locked apartment?”

“ I was just making sure, you never know anymore.”

“Sure mom.”

“Will you make me some pancakes, sausage and eggs Lisa?”she asks, pretending that nothing happened yesterday.

“Sure mom. And then I suppose I’ll wash the dishes you used last night, too, huh?”

“Oh thank you Lisa. I’m going to go to the store, do you need anything?”

“ I don’t know, maybe some nonfat milk?”

“Okay, be back in a bit.” I hear the door shut behind her, and its only seconds afterward that I hear her loud Camero starting and squealing out of the apartment plaza. “Alone at last” I sigh to myself.

I begin to cook. I start the sausages first, while I mix up some pancake batter. Adding the egg and self rising flour with milk, I sigh in delight. I love to cook. I pour some of the batter into a pan greased with olive oil, and flip the sausages. Then I scramble the eggs. I finished cooking everything within 15 minutes, and breakfast was beautiful. I put the food on the table, wrote a note to my mom, grabbed my car keys, and cell phone, and left. I looked down at my phone before I got into my car, when suddenly I remembered I never called David!! I dialed the number, and swallowed hard as I heard it ring. Once, twice, three times..

"Hello?” I heard a boy’s voice ask.

“He-hello. Is this...David?”

“Yes, who is this?”

“It’s Lisa…the girl from the store yesterday” I said nervously.

“ Oh hey!” he exclaimed, with hidden excitement behind his shaky voice. “ I was hoping you’d call today… I have a question for you.”


“Do you wanna go out to dinner with me tonight?”

“ Oh I ..yes” I said shyly.

“ Okay, where and when should I pick you up?”

“Uhm, I’ll wait for you right outside the Oakwood Apartment plaza, and, is seven okay?”

“ Seven is perfect. Well then, it’s a date. See you then!”

“See ya” I said.

I stood outside my car in shock for a few minutes trying to process what just happened. So many thoughts were racing through my head. I met a guy who I am magnetically attracted to, he gave me his number…and then asked me out. What’s going on?
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