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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Action/Adventure · #1882610
Excerpt from my fanboy screenplay

There is no light in the room, making it difficult to see the black SYMBIOTE shackled to the wall.

It hangs there quietly, a LOW GRUMBLE coming from it’s throat as it breathes.

Somewhere OUTSIDE THE ROOM, a DOOR SLAMS, and multiple SETS of FOOTSTEPS can be HEARD.

The Symbiote slowly lifts it’s head, baring it’s large, white teeth.

The FOOTSTEPS are getting CLOSER.

A heavy DOOR swings open, and the Symbiote roars at the visitors.

There’s a SYMBIOTE GUARD, a RED Symbiote wearing a black hood and shirt, resembling an executioner.

In his right hand, he holds a LONG STAFF with a razor sharp BLADE on the end. He swings it, hitting the prisoner in the face.

                                                           SYMBIOTE GUARD
                             Shut up!

The Symbiote ROARS at the Guard, only to be STRICKEN again by a SECOND SYMBIOTE GUARD.

The Symbiote roars at the Second Guard, lunging, held back by the shackles.

Both Guards hold up their staffs, lunging for a second attack.

                                                           SYMBIOTE GENERAL
                                       (O.S., sounds annoyed)

Both Guards look at their General, upset. They lower their weapons as the General approaches.

The Symbiote snarls, growling angrily.

                             Let me out of here.
                                                           SYMBIOTE GENERAL
                             This is your last chance.

                             This is madness! I’ve done nothing

                                                           SYMBIOTE GENERAL
                             We‘re tired of waiting for your
                             decision, traitor. Destroy this
                             pitiful host now, or suffer the          

                             We don’t need to destroy them.
                             They are more useful to us alive.

                                                           SYMBIOTE GUARD
                             So be it.

He looks to his eager Guards, giving them a nod.

As they close in…

                                       (to General, angry)
                             You can’t do this!

The General watches silently as his Guards ferociously TEAR the Symbiote from it’s HOST, a HUMANOID CREATURE that it was attached to like Spandex.

the Symbiote PEELS OFF it's host, more liquid than solid, long tendrils snapping as they stretch too thin to hold on.

After a moment of frenzy, the host is reduced to a naked, shivering mess, hanging from the shackles, terrified.

One of the Guards is holding a SILVER ORB, about the size of a soccer ball, which he is grinning at with a creepy CHUCKLE.

He hands it over to the General, who takes it and holds it up to eye level.

                                                           SYMBIOTE GENERAL
                                       (to orb)
                             Sorry, old friend. But you brought
                             this upon yourself.

                                                           SYMBIOTE GUARD
                             Shall I bring him to the incinerator,

After a moment of thought…

                                                           SYMBIOTE GENERAL
                             No. Death is too good for this one.
                             I want him to think about this for
                             a good, long time.

With a grin, the General leaves the room with the orb.

One Guard just watches him go, the other looks back at the prisoner.
                                                           SYMBIOTE GUARD
                             What about him?

The Symbiote General looks back; apparently, he had forgotten about the poor fool shackled to the wall.

                                                           SYMBIOTE GENERAL
                             Oh yeah.

After a moment of ponderance, he shrugs it off.

                                                           SYMBIOTE GENERAL
                             You can have him.

The General walks out the door as his henchmen look back at the prisoner, who is looking back at them trembling.

                             No… please!

They advance, completely ignoring his pleas.

                             Please, don’t!

The Guards quickly lunge, tendrils stretching from them as they ENVELOP THE CAMERA

                                                                                                      CUT TO BLACK:


A MONTAGE of COMIC BOOK PANELS from Marvel’s “Secret Wars” books

1. Various establishing panels, showing the basic storyline
2. After several epic battle shots, end up on SPIDERMAN, whose costume has been severely damaged
3. Spiderman is directed to a machine that will give him a new outfit
4. Spiderman finds the orb
5. The Symbiote latches onto him; absorbs him
6. Spiderman is now in his BLACK OUTFIT.

                                                         END OF TITLE SEQUENCE.




The CAMERA PANS across the night sky, looking down at the ROOFTOPS below.

As the CAMERA moves downward, a pair of FEET in a tight, BLACK OUTFIT, it becomes apparent this is SPIDERMAN’S POV.

He is on the roof of a SKYSCRAPER, looking for crime on the streets below.

Suddenly, he LEAPS from the rooftop, PLUMMETING to the ground below.

His ARM comes into view, also clad in BLACK, with a WHITE RECTANGLE on the back of his hand.

WEBS shoot out of the rectangle, STICKING to a LAMP POST across the street.

He swings to another building, releasing the web and flying through the air, until finally STICKING to the wall.

He quickly CRAWLS ALONG the wall, turning a corner before changing direction and heading for the roof.

Once on the roof, he darts across it, leaping over the edge, gliding over the HUGE GAP in between the buidings, landing the jump with ease.

He continues to run, but soon SHOOTS a web at a LEDGE on a taller building across the street.

He lifts off the rooftop, SWINGING across the street, INCHES ABOVE the tops of passing cars.

He hits another building, immediately crawling along it, around a corner, into an ALLEY.


A HOODRAT GIRL is walking through the alley, EARBUDS IN, listening to music. She is TEXTING while she walks, OBLIVIOUS to her surroundings.

From behind a bunch of TRASH CANS, a MUGGER slowly comes up behind her.

He slides a KNIFE out from inside his jacket as he closes in on the Hoodrat.

She continues to TEXT away, UNAWARE he is there.

He lifts the knife, indicating he’s about to put it to her neck.

A WEB shoots from above, ENVELOPING his knife hand.

Before he can react, a SECOND web engulfs his head, and the Mugger is lifted from view.

As the Hoodrat walks off camera, still completely unaware, the Mugger is lowered back down, dangling UPSIDE DOWN, cocooned in webs.


as he climbs back up the side of a building and rushes along the edge of the roof.

A BUS passes by underneath; Spiderman leaps from the rooftop and lands on it.

He runs along the length of the bus, toward the front.

He leaps from the bus, SHOOTING webs at a nearby building, swinging around the corner, between a pair of tall buildings.

Releasing the web, he soars to the next building, and RUNS along the wall before leaping to a FIRE ESCAPE across the way.

He lands on the RAIL of the fire escape, running along it with perfect balance before jumping off, shooting a web onto another building and swinging himself upward, STRAIGHT UP into the air.

After a SLOW, GRACEFUL BACK FLIP, he shoots a web at an antenna on the roof of an apartment building and swings in an arc, launching himself over a busy street and landing on another rooftop.

A SCREAM is HEARD in the night. Spiderman’s head snaps in the direction it came from, and the CAMERA QUICKLY PANS in that direction.

FOLLOW it down into another alley, where a BUSINESS WOMAN is surrounded by FIVE MUGGERS.


the Business Woman is being backed into a corner.

The Muggers leer and laugh as they close in on her.

She SCREAMS again, covering her face with her arms.

As she is SCREAMING, the SOUNDS of SEVERAL WEBS being shot is heard.

She stops, slowly uncovers her face.

All five Mugger’s are BOUND and GAGGED by webs, stuck in various, random positions along the wall.

The Business Woman looks around, relieved.

CAMERA PANS VERY QUICKLY up the alley, turns a corner, speeds up the block, then turns into another alley before coming to a stop in the BACK DOCK of an ELECTRONICS STORE.

There is a DELIVERY TRUCK out back, guarded by THREE THEIVES with ASSAULT RIFLES.

TWO MORE exit the building, one with a RIFLE, the other pushing a DOLLY full of boxes.

A SIXTH THEIF sits behind the wheel of the truck, NERVOUSLY waiting.

INDISTINCT CHATTER amongst the men, sounds like they’re taking too long, getting a bit anxious.

One of the Theives with a rifle seems especially nervous as his EYES scan the buidings surrounding them.

                             THEIF #1
         Come on, guys. Get a move on.

                             THEIF #2
         Chill out, we’re almost done.

Theif #1 continues to scan.

A WEB SNAPS down, taking the gun from his hand. It disappears somewhere into the shadows.

                             THEIF #1
         Watch out! Spiderman!

The other theives point their rifles in the direction the web came from, but can’t see anything in the darkness.

                             THEIF #3
          Where is he?

                             THEIF #2
         Just shut up and keep your eyes

All of the Thieves search, but he is nowhere to be seen.

Another WEB shoots out from behind, snagging the rifle from Theif #3’s hand. Quickly, another snatches up Theif #4’s as well.

Theif #5 steps away from the dolly, he has a RIFLE hanging from his arm, too.

A WEB takes the rifle from Theif #2’s hand and SWINGS it through the air, hitting Theif #5 in the side of the head, causing him to drop the gun and fall to the ground.

                             THEIF #3
         There he is!

They look to see SPIDERMAN, in his BLACK COSTUME with the big, WHITE SPIDER stretches across his chest; the exact same design across his back.

He is FALLING toward the men, arms outstretched.

They try to ready themselves, but he hits the ground swinging, knocking #2 and #3 down immediately.

Theif #1 advances, but a couple quick punches and a leg sweep send him flying to the ground.

Theif #4 throws a punch, but Spiderman catches his fist and throws him into a dumpster, swinging the man by his arm.

Theif #3 struggles to his feet.

                                                           THEIF #3
                             You little punk!

                             That was pretty clever! You must
                             be the leader.

Theif #3 lunges at Spiderman, who dodges by leaping over the man, landing right behind him.

Spiderman taps him on the shoulder.

                             Over here, chuckle head.

The Theif turns to look, Spiderman hits him with a RIGHT JAB so powerful, the crook does a backflip before landing flat on his chest.

Spiderman kicks out a foot, catching Theif #1 in the chin as he tries to stand.

Theif #4 gets to his feet, only to receive a face full of WEB before a kick to the chest knocks him into a brick wall.

The Theif in the TRUCK sees this in his MIRROR.

                             The Hell with this!

He puts the truck into DRIVE, floors the gas pedal.


Spiderman looks, and using both arms, SHOOTS WEB at the truck. The webs stick to the back of the truck, stopping it.

The ENGINE ROARS and TIRES SQUEAL at the truck tries to drive away, but Spiderman holds it in place.

The two struggle for a MOMENT, smoke pouring out from under the truck.

With a GRUNT, Spiderman manages to lift the truck off of the ground about a foot, and swings it into a nearby DUMPSTER.

The door opens, the Driver slumps out. Spiderman shoots him with web, ATTACHING him to the inside of the door.

Theif #5, still lying on the ground, shakes his head; his rifle is just within reach.

Spiderman is busy with Theif #2, catching his ankle with webbing and pulling it out from under him.

Theif #5 wraps his fingers around the gun.

As Spiderman clutches Theif #1 by the collar, fist pulled back, about to punch, EVERYTHING in the b.g. turns RED, and a high pitched TONE takes over the audio.

Spiderman snaps his head to face Theif #5, who has the rifle AIMED and is about to fire.

Spiderman holds out his left hand, WEBS ENGULF THE CAMERA.

                                                                                                                  CUT TO:


The Theives are WRAPPED IN WEBS, some seated on the ground, a COUPLE HANGING from a nearby lamp post. The Driver is still attached to the truck.


Spiderman hides in the shadows, clinging to the wall several stories above ground.

A POLICE CRUISER pulls into the alley, shutting off the SIREN, and pointing a SPOTLIGHT at the theives.

Spiderman watches as the cruiser slowly pulls up, remaining in the SHADOWS.

CAPTAIN JEAN DEWOLFF gets out of the cruiser. She is alone, but unafraid as she approaches the criminals.

She can’t help but SMILE to herself, amused at the sight of the Theives.

                             Looks like you boys are havin’
                             a rough night.

                             Yeah, you might wanna give ‘em
                             some cookies with their juice
                             boxes tonight.

DeWolff smiles.

                             So you are still around.

She turns, and is IMPRESSED with his new suit.

                             Wow. Nice outfit.
                             You like it? Not too dark?

                             No, no, it looks good. Maybe you
                             won’t stand out so much now.


hiding in a dark alley, EDDIE BROCK is TAKING PICTURES of the two.


DeWolff kneels next to one of the criminals, PEELS the sticky, messy web off his arm.

                             God, do you need to use so much?

It leaves STICKY strands as she pulls it off.
                             Sorry. Haven’t quite figured out
                             how to use this thing’s webbing yet.

She looks at the web sticking to her fingers, grimacing.

                             Well, it’s nasty.

She wipes her hand clean on the criminal’s jacket.


                             You should probably be -
                                       (looks over at him;
                                        he’s gone)
                             -taking off now.

She looks back at the criminal, who is barely regaining consciousness.

                                       (smiles sweetly)
                             Morning, bright eyes.


Brock watches her with DISGUST in his eyes.



The lights are off, and the whole place has a major case of the creepies.

                             Well that was fun, wasn't it?

He continues TALKING as the CAMERA SLOWLY MOVES through the room.

                             Silly little bloodbag, thought
                             you could outrun Cletus. Not so
                             easy with a knife in your thigh,

The TALKING gives way to MANIACAL LAUGHTER as we catch our first GLIMPSE OF BLOOD. At first it's just a few drops, but quickly increases to small puddles.

                             It's okay, little bloodbag. It's
                             all over now.

We finally get to see the BODY, at least HER LEGS. There is BLOOD EVERYWHERE now, especially in the thigh area.

                             We're all done here. You did a
                             great job, you really did.

CLETUS KASADY'S HAND, covered in blood halfway up the forearm.                                                             
                             You were a lovely contestant.

Now we SEE EVERYTHING. The DEAD GIRL lying on the floor at Kasady's feet. His back is to us, BOTH ARMS soaked in blood.

On the wall, he has used her blood to paint the words -


                             Better luck next time.


Spiderman slings a WEB. SWINGING into the sky.

He swings fast, angry, not paying too much attention to where he is going.

                             Damn it, Parker, see what you
                             did to that guy?

He swings from a building, clinging to a wall. He looks into the window, at his reflection.

His face looks almost the same, EXCEPT for a LARGE, SINISTER SMILE with SHARP TEETH and a LONG TONGUE.

                                       (harsher tone)
                             Yes, and it was exactly what that
                             murderer deserved!

Spiderman is shocked, FRIGHTENED by his own reflection, causing him to lose his grip on the building and fall.

He doesn’t even try to stop it, he just falls ten stories and hits the ground.

He GROANS LOUDLY, rolling over and getting back to his feet.

He looks down at his hands.

                             What the hell is this thing?

He tries to pry it off, it peels away, stretching out, but it won’t let go.

                             Get off me, damn it!

He struggles with the Symbitoe, trying to get it off of his face, but it is overpowering him.

He STUMBLES BACK into a drainpipe, the SOUND ECHOES through the pipe.

The Symbiote weakens, and Spiderman is able to pull it from his face. As soon as the SOUND STOPS, however, it latches right back on.

                             Damn it!

He struggles some more, his ELBOW hitting the pipe, again creating the SOUND ECHO.

The Symbiotye releases the ARM, this time making a HORRIBLE SHRIEKING SOUND, but again wraps back on as soon as the sound stops.

                                       (to the Symbiote)
                             It’s the sound, isn’t it??

He PUNCHES the pipe, and the SOUND frees his fist for a moment.


                                                                                                            CUT TO:


The BIG BELL in the TOWER.

After a MOMENT OF QUIET, Spiderman swings into the tower, OUT OF CONTROL.

He releases the WEB and SLAMS right into the side of the big bell, and the SOUND is extremely LOUD.

Spiderman hits the floor as the Symbiote seems to lose grip on his whole body at once. It STRUGGLES to retain a hold on him, SHRIEKING the whole time.

Spiderman slowly gets to his feet as the SOUND SUBSIDES. The Symbiote slowly tightens it’s grip.

                             No way, pal.

He SLAMS into the bell again, weakening it again.

                             You and me, we’re done bro!

He SLAMS into the bell again, a couple more times, the Symbiote desperately clinging to his skin.

                             Get the hell of of me!

He slams into the bell with FULL FORCE, this time his momentum takes him over the edge, down into the stairwell beneath the bell.

The Symbiote is SPLATTERED all over the bell.

Peter Parker (who is only wearing a pair of jeans now) CRASHES down onto the stairs a couple stories down, and then rolls down the rest of the flight of stairs.

He GRIMACES as he tries to sit up. He looks above, the bell is still swinging, and you can still SEE the Symbiote, SPREAD OUT across the bell.

The Symbiote pulls itself into a puddle QUICKLY, and leaps into a CRACK IN THE FLOOR.

Peter gets to his feet, nervously looking around, waiting for it to attack.




the door SLAMS OPEN, Eddie Brock in the doorway, soaking wet. He slowly walks into the large room, leaving the door open.

The STORM is raging now, pouring rain, wind blowing.

Eddie leaves WET FOOTPRINTS behind as he walks slowly toward the front, between the PEWS.


Eddie is walking toward the GIANT CRUCIFIX behind the podium, looking JESUS right in the eyes.

He arrives at the base of the crucifix, and drops to his knees, eyes still locked on Jesus’.

After a moment…
                             You really came through tonight.
                             I almost did it, you know. I
                             figured, what’s the point, who
                             would care? No one would miss me,
                             Anne wouldn’t miss me, but then
                             you… then you stopped me.

LIGHTNING CRASHES, in the light, if you happen to notice it, the Symbiote SLOWLY RUNS down the walls.

                             I’m sorry I even thought about.
                             I know it was selfish. I know now
                             that you need me here. The
                             citizens must be protected, kept
                             safe from the lunatics who prey
                             upon the weak.

The Symbiote is closing in on Eddie’s feet and knees, the floor covered completely from the walls in.

                             You’ll be proud of the things
                             I’m going to do.

The Symbiote begins to climb his legs, but he doesn’t seem to feel it yet.

                             I promise yout that.

SEVERAL STRANDS of the Symbiote snap up, ATTACHING TO HIS ARMS AND FACE in several places.

                             What the -!

A larger STRAND wraps around his entire FACE, and immediately stretches to the back of his head.

Brock struggles to his feet, TRYING to fight off the Symbiote. `

His FEET have become SHINY AND BLACK, like Spiderman’s only much, much bigger. The LEGS are BIGGER TOO, thick, muscular trunks that lead up to a MASSIVE TORSO, the WHITE SPIDER stretched across the giant BACK.

STILL BEHIND HIM, Brock looks down at his BLACK HANDS, the same WHITE RECTANGLES on the backs.

                                       (raspy voice, hard to
                             What is this?

He drops to his knees, fingers DIGGING INTO the wooden floor. He is BREATHING HEAVILY.

                             We feel so powerful now.


Spiderman, in his original colors, SWINGS OUT into the night.

                             All right, so MJ said he looks
                             like a big, ugly me. Shouldn’t be
                             too hard to find.

He looks around the city as he swings over it.

                             Where would I go if I were big
                             and ugly?

                                                                                                                  CUT TO:


A MAN flies into the BRICK WALL, hard enough to CRACK IT.

He lands on the ground, while ANOTHER MAN SCREAMS.

Venom is holding the SCREAMING MAN in the air with one hand, a long, twisting tongue flailing from his toothy mouth.

A THIRD MAN rushes Venom, only to receive a SHATTERING BLOW to the face.

The Third Man hits the ground, and Venom HURLS Screaming Man to the ground.

                             Can I play next?

Venom turns to look.

Spiderman is swinging toward him, feet extended. He KICKS Venom in the jaw, DROOOL SPRAYING from his mouth as his head jerks back.

Long, THIN TENDRILS seem to SPLATTER off of Venom's face with the impact, STRETCHING OUT but never letting go.

Spiderman lands a couple feet behind Venom.

                             I heard you were looking for me!

He quickly throws another kick, but Venom CATCHES his leg.

                             We knew we wouldn't have to!

Venom lifts Spiderman above his head by the ANKLE, and slams him down into the asphalt.

After a long, PAINED MOAN -

                             'Kay, you're quick. Good to know.

Spiderman tries to get up; Venom KICKS him in the ribs.

The three Men run away.

Venom notices.

                                       (to Spiderman)
                             You let them escape!

                             That’s what I do, I save people!

Venom picks Spiderman up by the NECK.

                             We protect the innocent while you
                             defend the criminals!



He hurls Spiderman into the wall; he lands near a TREMBLING TENNAGE GIRL.

Spiderman shakes his head, NOTICING the Girl.

                             What? What’s going on?

Venom approaches.

                             You allowed her attackers to
                             escape, so they can hurt others.

He KICKS Spiderman in the FACE.

                             You are no hero.

Venom reaches for Spiderman, who DODGES at the last moment by shooting webs at the wall behind Venom, and lifting himself to safety.

Venom turns, angry, his tongue flailing.

                             We won’t allow you to escape!


Venom shoots a WEB at Spiderman; it wraps around his neck. He pulls him from the wall and SLAMS Spiderman into the ground.

The Girl SCREAMS, and hurries away. Venom lets her run.

                             We know all your secrets.

He grabs Spiderman by the arm, lifts him off the ground.
                             We know everything about you.

The MASK of Venom slowly melts away, REVEALING Eddie Brock’s face.


Venom THROWS Spiderman into the wall, CHUNKS FALLING.

The MASK re-covers Brock’s face.

Spiderman sits up, looking at him.


                             That’s right, Parker. Now it’s
                             our turn. You’ve become obsolete.          

Spiderman gets to his feet, bracing for an attack.

                             Look, Eddie. This isn’t you,
                             okay. The suit’s evil.


                             You know nothing of us!

He lunges at Spiderman, who dodges by leaping into the air. There is a fast-paced exchange of attacks, and it APPEARS Spiderman is gaining the upper hand, until a BACK HANDED SLAP sends Spiderman rolling across the ground.

Spiderman looks up, Venom fires off SEVERAL WEB SHOTS at him.

Spiderman pushes himself into the air, DODGING ALL OF THEM, firing a FEW OF HIS OWN from mid-air.

His webs hits Venom in the chest, knocking him back a few steps.

                             So let me get this straight.
                             You’re just a bigger, dumber
                             version of me?

                             We are what you should be. What
                             you could be, if you weren’t such
                             a coward.

Spiderman lunges, THROWING A PUNCH. Venom sees it coming, and grabs Spiderman by the wrist, bringing a KNEE UP into Spiderman’s chest.

Spiderman drops to a knee, Venom HOLDS ON to his wrist.

                             You are so weak, so pathetic. How
                             could you ever be a hero?

He SWINGS Spiderman by the arm, hurling him through the air, toward the wall. Before he hits, however, Spiderman brings his feet around sticks.

                             What’s the matter, Eddie? Couldn’t
                             steal Peter Parker’s job, so now
                             you’re coming after mine?

Venom snarls.

Spiderman KICKS OFF the wall, springing directly at Venom.

He fires a COUPLE QUICK WEB SHOTS into Venom’s face before landing in front of him, PUNCHING him in the face.

Venom ROARS, prying the web from his face.

Spiderman KICKS him in the chest, causing Venom to stumble back a step.

Venom gets the web off of his face in time to see Spiderman punch at him, but Venom ducks, bringing his fist up into Spiderman’s abdomen.

Spiderman lifts off of the ground. Venom UPPERCUTS him in the face, elevating him even more. Spiderman goes up a good fifteen feet before coming back down.

As he falls, Venom KICKS him in the side of the head, sending Spiderman into a SPIN, SLAMMING him into a DUMPSTER. The steel CRUMPLES around his body.

Venom is WALKING TOWARD him, his menacing grin wide and toothy.

                             We know everything about you,
                             Parker. We know your weaknesses,
                             and we know how to destroy you.

Spiderman gets to his feet.

                             Yeah, well I know a thing or two
                             about you too, punchy.

Venom is almost to him.

                             It doesn’t matter what you know.
                             Soon, you will be nothing more
                             than a stain on the pavement.

He ATTEMPTS a punch to the side of Spiderman’s head, but Spiderman dodges, leaping into the air and clinging to the wall.


                             Pathetic, running like a coward.

He SHOOTS SEVERAL WEB SHOTS, Spiderman leaps ALONG THE WALL, dodging them all.

                             That the best you can do? I’ve
                             seen better aim in the men’s room
                             at the Garden!

Venom GROWLS, shooting MORE WEB SHOTS, which Spiderman continues to dodge.

Spiderman LEAPS ACROSS the alley, landing on the other wall.

                             Come on, Eddie, you’re embarrassing          

                             Our name is Venom!

Venom fires web shot after web shot, sending DOZENS of little balls of web at Spiderman.

Spiderman LEAPS, dodging MOST of them.

Then he DOESN'T DODGE one. It hits him right in the face, sending him to the ground SEVERAL YARDS AWAY.

As Spiderman gets to his feet, Venom shoots a WEB, wrapping it around Spiderman’s neck.

                             You can’t run forever Parker!

Venom YANKS on the web, intending to pull Spiderman over. Instead, the WEB BREAKS.


Spiderman uses the distraction to fire WEBS from both hands, ensnaring Venom’s ARMS.

Holding on to the webs, Spiderman leaps to the wall, RUNNING ALONG IT until he is behind Venom.

Venom struggles, Spiderman leaps from the wall and KICKS Venom in the back of the thigh.

Venom falls onto his back, Spiderman lands on his chest.

                             Time to split!

He GRABS Venom’s face and PULLS. Venom SCREAMS as the Symbiote is TORN from Brock’s face.

                             No! Stop! That pun was terrible!

Venom swings a fist, knocking Spiderman aside. As Venom rises, he FIRES SEVERAL WEB SHOTS at Spiderman.

The shots all hit the wall as Spiderman LEAPS back at Venom. The webs DON’T STICK to the wall.

Spiderman kicks Venom in the face, Venom ROARS.

Venom PUNCHES, but Spiderman ducks under the fist and GRABS Venom by the TOP OF THE HEAD.

He pulls with all of his might, RIPPING the Symbiote in half, exposing Brock’s head and most of his torso.


                             Damn you Parker!

Spiderman punches Brock in the face, KNOCKING HIM OUT.

Brock falls to the ground, UNCONSCIOUS.



Brock is about to snap; Kasady is still talking.

                             My mother was the first, sliced
                             her open because of her stupid
                             dog, she always liked that mutt
                             better than me.


                             Then my father, the stupid
                             bastard, he tried to punish me.
                             He was still screaming when I

                             You’re sick.

                             You’re blind. I am what we should
                             be. The rest of them, nothing but
                             blood bags, toys for me to destroy.

                                       (after a moment)
                             Get out of my face.

                             You’ll see. Any man can be a
                             killer. He simply needs to find
                             the courage.


                             You hear that?

Kasady rushes to the bars, CLINGS to them.


                             What’s going on?


DOZENS OF GUARDS are firing their weapons, but the bullets have little affect on the Symbiote.

It flies across the room, PASSING a couple Guards, BLOOD SPRAYING from them.


Eddie listens, while Kasady is swinging on the bars, excited.

                             Something’s coming.

The GUNFIRE is getting closer.



The Symbiote (again little more than a puddle) swiftly moves across the floor, to a hallway.

There are MORE GUNSHOTS, the Symbiote leaps forward, wraps part of itself around one Guard’s NECK, and another part around the ANKLE of the other Guard.

The Symbiote swings them both into the wall, CRUNCHING OF BONES IS HEARD.


Eddie HEARS THE SCREAMS echo through the halls.

                             What is that?

Kasady is very excited.

                             I can smell death in the air.

The DOOR BURSTS OPEN, it’s streaked with blood.

The Symbiote makes it’s way through the room, directly toward Eddie.

Eddie Brock SMILES as it envelops him.

                                                                                                      CUT TO BLACK.


The ALARM is still going off.

FADE IN on Kasady, knocked unconscious. PULL BACK to reveal the cell has been torn wide open, the BARS TWISTED and mangled.

There are a few DEAD GUARDS in the room.

Back on Kasady, he is bleeding from a large CUT ON HIS HAND. A drop of the blood hits the floor.

A smaller Symbiote, black with a slight RED TINT, makes it’s way across the cell, past Kasady’s feet, moving toward the bloody hand.

It slowly moves up his hand, covering it while moving toward the CUT.

The Symbiote ENTERS KASADY’S WOUND, which begins to HEAL.



Spiderman walks through the LOBBY, more BODIES and destruction here.

“CARNAGE” and “CARNAGE RULES” is written in numerous places around the hotel.

                                       (O.S., weakly)
                             Nice of you to show up.

Spiderman looks over; sees Daredevil lying on the floor, bleeding severely.

                             Oh my God.

Spiderman rushes to his friend’s side, gets to a knee.

                             Are you okay?

                             I’ll live.

                             What the hell’s goin’ on around

                             It’s bad, Pete. It’s tearing
                             through town, killing everybody
                             it sees.

                             What is? What the hell are you
                             talking about?

                             It’s here, Peter.

                             What’s here?

                             Carnage is here!

Spiderman turns to face Carnage, Carnage SWIPES with RAZOR SHARP FINGERS.

Spiderman flips back to dodge the claw, Carnage LAUGHS.

                             Our next contestant is a quick
                             little blood bag, isn't it?

                             Comes with the job.

Spiderman SHOOTS A COUPLE WEB SHOTS, a pair of Carnage’s TENDRILS KNOCK THEM ASIDE easily.

                             That’s fantastic. You know where
                             I can get a set of those?

                             The blood bag likes to talk. I’ll
                             have to shut it up.

                             Hey, hey, the blood bag has a

Carnage leaps, QUICKLY grabbing Spiderman by the shirt, knocking him over, and PINNING HIM with his feet on Spiderman’s SHOULDERS.

                             Toys don’t need names.

Carnage slashes at Spiderman’s face, TEARING HIS MASK and slicing into his CHEEK.

Spiderman SCREAMS, blood flowing from four SLICES.

                             That’s more like it! Scream for
                             me. Scream for Carnage!


Spiderman stands up, Carnage is gone, the WALL IS DESTROYED.

Daredevil pulls himself to his feet.

                             We gotta go after him.

Venom APPEARS OUT OF NOWHERE, leaps at Spiderman.

He tackles Spiderman, the two of them go THROUGH THE WALL BEHIND HIM.

Venom punches Spiderman in the face.

                             Did you really think you could
                             escape us?

                             Eddie, this is hardly the time.

Venom punches him again, Spiderman bounces off the wall before hitting the floor.

Daredevil RUSHES over, BILLY CLUB in hand. He swings for Venom’s skull, but Venom reaches out and catches Daredevil’s forearm.

Daredevil kicks him in the face, knocking Venom off Spiderman.

Another kick and Venom takes a couple steps back.

Daredevil moves in for a punch, Venom reaches out and grabs his HEAD.

                             Pitiful human.

He THROWS Daredevil into the wall, BREAKING IT.

Spiderman gets to his feet, Venom steps toward him.

                             Eddie, hold on!

Venom stops, HISSES.
                             Call us Venom!

                             You wanna protect the innocent,

                             The innocent must be protected.
                             Especially from you.

                             Listen to me, Eddie -



Venom stops, but continues to GROWL in his throat.

                             Look around you. I’m not your
                             biggest problem right now.

Venom looks around the room, ANGERED by what he sees.

                             Who did this?

                             His name is Carnage. And I think
                             he’s a Symbiote.

Venom hisses, he doesn’t like that.

                             What do you mean?

                             I think he -

                                       (to himself)
                             What do you mean there’s

Spiderman is confused.

                             A child? You never told me we
                             had a child!


Venom grabs Spiderman by the shirt, PULLS HIM CLOSE.

                             We must stop Carnage. You will
                             help us.

                             All right, hands off, big guy.

Venom PRESSES HIM into the wall.

                             We’ll take care of you later.

He releases Spiderman and turns his back, walking away. Spiderman rubs his neck.

                             Dream come true.

Spiderman follows, leaving the scene.

                                       (weakly, out of view)
                             I’ll be okay.


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