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Realzing that you need to look to all time periods to live the life you were ment to,
I'm lost in my failures of the past
And fixated on my dreams of tomorrow
Why can I not focus on the present
When it's the only time I can live?

I have drowned in my sorrows
Learned the exuberance of youth
And felt the pain of a wound long gone
Why can I not leave it behind?

I dream of the future
My goals living only in my head
Looking toward something, that may never happen
When will i see what I'm missing?

Living in the moment
Can be someone's entire existance
Why can't I even see myself
Will I even learn before it's all ended?

I realize now that I need the past
It shapes me into who I became
Where would i be without those failers
And would I still be woman I am?

I Know that without those goals
I could never live for tomorrow
Or look to the future
To find the meaning in my own existence?

But, without today
I miss what is truly important
My family and friends
And ever changing health

I need a combination
To live the life I was ment to live
And Dream the dream I was ment to dream
Past, Present, and Future
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