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When one teen titan and another superhero are gone, how will Starfire and Raven react?
                                                                                  Pure Pain
         Pain, anger, fear, How could this happen? Why them? Specifically Him!  How could I have such bad luck?  It’s all my fault.  I could’ve stopped them.  I was there, I still remember his last words, “Don’t Worry!”  Regret, grief, remorse, and death.
         “Starfire, it’s not your fault!” Raven tried to explain, but couldn’t seem to get through to her.  “Robin chose to go against Slade! He even called Batman!  And YOU!  Raven had and still is pleading, but Starfire won’t respond.  All she has been doing is crying and eating.  Wake up, eat, cry, eat some more, cry some more, and sleep again.  So, when Starfire responded, Raven was relieved and happy, it was bitter-sweet.  In till she heard what she said.
         “Well I was there! Why didn’t I di—“Raven cut off.
         “Don’t even go there Starfire!  It’s not your fault!  Slade is evil, if you want to die, you aren’t a teen titan, your choice!  Raven was enraged!  A true Teen Titan wouldn’t do this!  They would be here for the others!  Not just leave them in even more pain!! 
         “Well…  Well….” Starfire stammered.  “I don’t know!” I loved him!  He was part of me!  How can I just ignore that?”  I loved him, really loved him!  How could he just die? She thought.  On my terms too!  I should’ve given myself to Slade instead of him taking Robin and Batman… BATMAN! She yelled at her mind.  Batman was Robin’s role model!  How could I have let this happen?  She questioned. 
         “I never said ignore it!  I’m just saying it’s not your fault!”  Really?  Is it really not my fault?  Starfire thought, furious at Raven for being so unsympathetic.
         “I’m gone, you obviously don’t understand Raven, you and the team are better off without me.”  Raven realized she had messed up, to the point of no return.  Why did she say that?  How?  And now Starfire is gone!  She went against her own word!
         And with that Starfire started sobbing and left.  She couldn’t handle the pain, the pain of not being good enough.  She’d rather die than suffer.  She went to the park and sat at the nearest bench and screamed.  Everyone was staring.  Now what? She thought.  “Am I not good enough for you?  She screamed.  She kept screaming, enough to scare anyone.  Soon she was alone.  She sobbed continually, not stopping to take a breath, literally.  Blood came out of her mouth, she screamed, more blood, it was pooling on her clothes, and she took her final breath.
         Sometimes saying the wrong thing can cause pain, but this time it resulted in death.  Ignorance, Emotion, and death.
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