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Prose about confusion of a relationship of two people.
The Windmill, the Rabbit Hole and Time

My mind is twirling, I believe
I feel it will leave its axis
It is spinning out of control
My mind is drifting away
How will I get it back?

Like Alice in Wonderland
I've fallen down the Rabbit hole
Do I turn to the left or go right?
I've called for you but you don't answer
How do I get out; how do I get back?

My mind is twirling
It is like a whirlwind out of control
I see you but I really don't
Am I mad? The clock is ticking
It is time for tea - but what about me?

In the windmill of my mind
I hear you, see you but the laws
The laws of love won't let me touch you
And the windmill keeps turning
And it keeps getting darker and darker.

But time is of the essences
You're 70 and I am not far behind
Children are laughing, running free
But you and I seem stuck
In the windmill, the windmill of our minds.

By Seabreeze 2012 Rev 3.4.2021
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