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But, he wants to abolish abortion.+

        Christian politicians generally are opposed to abortion.
        Missouri is a Fundamentalist Christian state.
        Todd Akins is a Republican Congressman from Missouri.
        Ergo~ Todd Akins is opposed to any kind of abortion even in
        cases of incest and rape, which is highly common amongst
        red necks.

        Okay lets work the numbers:

                    1) Christians believe in the immortality of the human spirit.

                    2) Christians believe the world is evil and good Christians
                        go to Heaven after death.

                    3) Christians believe that Jesus died for their sins:
                        committing suicide by allowing the Romans to capture him
                        and execute him for sedition.

                    4) Proposition~ If death is good, freeing the spirit from an evil
                        world and Jesus saved Christians, then Christian' abortions are
                        good, saving the unborn from a wicked world and giving them
                        to Jesus in Heaven.

        Jesus said that only by imitating him can Christians entered Heaven.
        So, why haven't good Christian committed sedition and been executed
        lately? We should see more Christian martyrs on CNN. But, they just
        go on the news and make stupid remarks, like Todd Akins. Boring.

        It's the economy that matters!
        What better way to cut entitlements then to offer free abortions?
        According to the U.S. Census, most welfare moms got pregnant in
        their teens. Abortion on demand can nip that in the bud.

        We love pregnant teenagers, but hate welfare moms.
        Is that Christian?
        Wasn't Jesus a child of a single teen mom?
        Joseph was his step dad.

        Let's spend another trillion on invading Iran!
        But, then we'd be bombing pregnant Iranian teenage moms.
        Is that murder?

        Just my two cents.

        Vertago ~~~
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