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A note and thoughts on "Star Trek Nemesis"

I admit to being a bit of a Trekie because I've watched the best episodes and movies to the point I have the dialogue memorized. Especially, The Wrath of Khan. I was teaching sixth grade social studies when the movie was still new, and I showed it to all my classes for several days. They watched intently. I watched over and over, five times each day for almost the whole week. I have that dialogue down--all the lines of all the parts.

I'm just now watching Nemesis to the point that I'm getting the dialogue in my head, if not out of my mouth.

There was an error made in the film, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a clone supposed to be eachly like the being it was cloned from? Jean Luc's eyes are either brown or green, depending on the camera angle of the shot. Shinzon, his clone, has bright, cuttingly bright blue eyes. If he's a clone they should have had the same eye color, right?. Color of eyes is easily adjusted, like Data having gold eyes. I'm surprised that error made it past the editing table, and I guess this really does make me a Trekie. Sigh, just have to find myself a uniform now, and I'll be ready for a convention--not.

I was interested in the young actor who played the role of Praetor Shinzon. He goes by the rather common sounding name of Tom Hardy. Check out his information on


It seems that he is indeed an English actor, having been involved in theater and televsion since the early 90s. Hardy was born in 1977. His past includes a stint in rehab for substance abuse, a marriage, a child, and a divorce.

The tone of the movies he's done and the characters he has played made me think of Malcolm McDonell, who also played a major role in a Star Trek movie as Professor Soren, from the movie Generationsand his acting experience goes back to his start with the X-rated showings of the movie "Clockwork Orange." It was the first gross film I ever saw. That's not a complement, but a testiment to the intensity of the actor. Hardy has that frightening intensity, and it comes across clearly on the screen..

Watching, studying the scenes between Hardy and Patrick Stewart made me wonder if the Star Trek series is our modern day Shakespeare? Malcolm MxDowell is also British. Iman played a role in another film as a changling, and her British-African accent is easy to spot.

to be continued....
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