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The world is now experience water wars.
Quest for Nature

We Americans take water for granted, waste our water that only accounts for three percent of fresh water on earth and the other ninety percent is unusable salt water.  The water we drink, do laundry, water our lawns and use for cooking is a commodity that is a privilege. Yet in countries like Malaysia polluting water is punishable by death.

Dr. Tony Clarke says, "We keep pumping ground water, draining lakes, and ponds, causing sink holes and unusable lands.  Our life source is being depleted and we show no sign of conserving water for future use. In fact, no one even knows how much water we have to work with now or in the future. With the population growth rapidly we will need even more water. Thirty million gallons of ground water is pumped each week."

Director of Global Environmental Assurance says, "Our life source is being drained away and we only show signs of increasing need for more water."  We don’t use our water within limits and water is a commodity. Big corporations supported by our government such as Coca Cola and other companies drill for ground water in the poorest countries have a monopoly in Mexico and Kenya, Africa. Kenya is a slave to Coca Cola, and Mexico is ruled by the company.

Bolivia, one of the most poverty stricken counties, is being used to drill for ground water. The water is sold by the corporations to these counties and those who cannot afford to buy water do without. With no water to spare, house fires are common.

Because of the pay or go thirsty situation, the citizens in Mexico rose up in protest against the companies stealing their water supply. Because the resistance, the military and police are used to control the angry mob in a violent manner. Even in the rain forest, the population is prohibited to gather rain water.

Both Presidents George Bush and George W. Bush purchased 173,000 acres of land in Paraguay, totaling  $200,000, rich in water supply. Paraguay is considered to be the Middle East of water. Soon only the rich can afford water, and food, as well.

Though our earth is resilient, and we can help by decreasing the population, using hydroponic farming, and water saving procedures such as not watering lawns, and  not using food and water brought in from other counties. Instead of dams, as the water tends to become stagnant collecting mercury. Use free flowing rivers for electricity.

Instead of fighting for the population in the future, the United States and Canada are opposed to water rights and funding for those who truly need water to survive. Instead, big corporations are allowed to monopolize the water business. People like Tony Clark, Executive Director of Polaris Institute, feels that  this is an abuse by the Government.

In the long run, we all pay for the commodity of water as the poor countries' citizens do without. We all need water and we need to live.

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