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Collection of poems.
Examples of poetry styles


Ae Freslighe Style:

God is he who frees my pleads.
He seeds me for his own needs.
God carries plans with hands for man.
Lord will not forsake mistakes.

~ The Ae Freslighe can have more than one stanza.
~ Each stanza is built up out of four lines (a quatrain)
~ Each line has seven syllables.
# Line one and three use a triple rhyme (three syllable rhyme)
# Line two and four use a double rhyme (two syllables)
# You have to end line four with the first syllable word in the first line, or the complete line that you used to begin your poem with.

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Style: ABCeDarius

At the church this morning the preacher praise God's love.

Beginning at the reason why we enter the church.

Christians brother's and sister's are we not more than a social club, but believers.

Exit the doors if you will if your thoughts are not here to worship the Lord.

Hear his name through your praise and singing instead.

O' Brothers Sisters don't turn deaf but with holy words because he is so much love.

Forgetting your dreary days and continue singing with him is pleasing sounds.

Getting to the voice of who he is and letting him being the major part of your life is better.

Higher you lift his name "Holy Praise his Name Hallelujah" the higher in life he takes you to go.

I sing and shout to the Lord, I cry to the Lord, I will give into the Lord, are words of what he wants you to embrace.

Jesus is our brother, dear brother sisters, in this church, and he never will be forsaken.

Kicking the demon out in a poem is action, but Jesus is assurance of a solid path leading unbinding, and forever are guaranteed.

Loving God is on our side and forever the soul in fuelingour holy heart.

Myself know Jesus and through Christ all things are possiable.

Never think you have to loose because God, Jesus, and the wings of many angels will fight the battle with Satan.

Open your heart let Jesus be your guide, and start seeing where your strides are.

Quit crying but instead rejoice Jesus.

Understand not why he loves one better but why he loves you.

Reassurance is what God gives in present, yet what a daily blessing he gives us.

Taking his word gives your heart soul and fills it with blessing and joys.

Victory is ours if you believe.

Worry not God says because he needs you and to love him.

X out the negative and begin to say no more.

You are more important for your God child and Jesus is alive everyday.

Zoo shelters are for God's precious animals but you stand as his leading child

Autumn Sings

comes in colors
that shines in the sun rays
touching our souls and blowing songs
of fall.

Cinquain: 5 lines, syllables = 2/4/6/8/2
By: Writer Tina M. George

Coming Ashore

The swirling and swishing of the river plays in my thought.
First glance is seeing waves ascending my very existence.
Although I’ve seen this same place long ago,
It is as if I am seeing nature for the first time.

Looking in the waves, coming ashore,
Their color of amber and aqua green
Is beautiful, but never too serene.
They are like an imaginary description
Of a well read tale.

The rising of the raging waters
Is an outpouring of emotion for my soul.
Standing on the banks
Never to sure how to tread.
Is my foot firmly on the ground
Or do I hear heaven's sound.

In the end, capturing the very idea
That I'm neither aware nor alone,
There is great comfort in knowing
The Lord sets my tone.

Thank you Same Ol' Sum1 for taking the time to revise this poem.
Now, I can come back to it and feel I'm back standing at the river.

Authors Note: This contains seperate items wrote inspired and wrote in the year of 2012.


shine your grace,
and show the road
so that we may fly
in your blankets of wings
as birds soaring above earth
golden gates pushing to heaven,
and all angels are awaiting us,
singing to rejoice your name Almighty

PDG Poetry Workshop
By:Tina Marie George
Poetry Form: Etheree syllables- 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10


opens the path
to a mouth of whispers
with gushing lively souls screaming,
earth child.

Cinquain: 5 lines, syllables= 2/4/6/8/2
Wrote For "The Poetic Pen Workshop/Contest
by: Tina Marie George

Singing Free Style

it sings
while leaves move
thoughts in shadows
it tells a story of cries that ponders.

I carry this burden deep within me
that nothing sings
yet showing me
the truthful

Tetracty Poem
By: Tina Marie George

Lady Of Cry

Pour the rain
gracious Alimighty.
Give mercy
so I live
for who I can be today,
and not of the past.

Show me love
and forgive my sins
that I've done
in this world.
Feel my heart burden in tears
which kisses away lust.

Form: Shadorma syllable 3/5/3/3/7/5.
By: Writer Tina M. George

Fall Sings

comes in colors
that shines in the sun rays
touching our souls and blowing songs
of fall.

Cinquain: 5 lines, syllables = 2/4/6/8/2
By: Writer Tina M. George

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Quatrain Poem "He loves me kind"

He hears my pain tenderly.
Pushing all my thoughts accordingly
I see him fight with care and determination.
He loves me with work and dedication.

Something missing in me but not leaving me.
His presence is gracious to my everything I see.
Why I pretend to live jaded
when he gives me nothing to faded.

Mine nor his love should not worry.
My love calls in acting of kindness.
Open these roads and play past dark path from dreary
Kinder means are to be done from this nonsense.

Let me tell you so you know
I love you more.
My presence and soul be told is yours to show,
Even it means I'm a bore.


sluggish sunset taste
sweeten buds pushing the blows
in the mouth of autumn season.

Form: Stone Poetry

Remembering Jesus

Atlas, his spirit descended, his throne awaits.
Bleeding, dripping, his limps left limping, he sorrowed no more.
Jesus in remembrance, wore the thorns, tortured, and killed.
Let all sing accord of his righteous ways and live life with heart, joy, and praises.

Alexandrine Poem

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