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by LadyG
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This is my computer expressing itself as my writing assistant.

You may be surprised to know this is not the writer coming to you with a story or reflections of her creativity. Instead, it is I, the writer's most reliable, dutiful, and dependable servant, her computer. I am the reason she is able to quickly and efficiently, and without much effort, bring you her creative ideas for your delightful reading enjoyment.

She comes to me when the mood or desire to write strikes her. She is quick with the ability to put her words on the screen, making them come alive with imagination and realization. Her writings precede her making way for an introduction of one who is witty, talented, and self-assured.

Though not a published author her time will surely come. She sits with me often now. What has gotten into her lately? I don't know. Only she knows but I like it too. Using me to write gives us both the exercise we need to stay fine tune, stimulated and free of stagnation.

With her talent and style and my brain we could do great things together. Who knows, with a little more imagination I too could come up with an idea of my own to write about.

Good Bye
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