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by Haili
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A blind girl discovers her place thanks to love. From a retelling of Beauty & the Beast.
I will never see the sun rise;
I will never see it set.
I will never see fireflies,
Or a spider’s sparkling net.

I will never see a rainbow
Painted 'cross the sky.
I will never see the stars glow,
Or the twinkle in your eye.

I will never see you smile;
I will never see your tear.
But I can hold you for a while,
As long as you are near.

And I can feel the heat
Of the rising and setting sun.
And I can hear flies’ wings in fleet,
Steady as a beating drum.

I can smell the scent of rain
As it washes clean the earth.
And I’m not going to complain
About my curse from birth

I can hear your smile crinkle
As it spreads across your face
And I can feel each worried wrinkle
And I know I've found my place.

Here with you, I can see.
I'm where I'm meant to go.
I'm all I ever want to be.
When I'm with you, I know.
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