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by Magoo
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They strolled along the ocean sand . . .
I saw a dragon yesterday
who pulled his wagon through the clay.
He dragged it down a puddled street
while stomping with his muddy feet.

The wagon overflowed with snacks
and juicy drinks that come in packs.
He chomped upon a flaming steak,
then swallowed whole, a pickled snake.

He wandered to an eerie place;
that's where I saw the strangest face,
a lady dragon by the trees
applying makeup in the breeze.

The two sat down upon a rock
and soon they both began to talk.
It was the weirdest thing I'd heard;
I couldn't understand a word.

A ring was placed upon her toe,
a wedding band of greenish glow.
The dragon loved this special one -
had found a bride who weighed a ton.

They strolled along the ocean sand,
flew by a castle in the land.
The king and queen stared in the air
as dragons soared without a care.

The dragons soon had dragon kids
who learned to fish for squirmy squids.
The kids sold squid within the square
and to the prince with maiden fair.

Some knights in shining armor came
to fake their photos for the fame.
The dragons posed as slain by sword;
the knights were dubbed by reigning lord.

As beast and human drew a crowd,
the registers were ringing loud.
The wealth of all began to grow;
the land was filled with lots of dough.

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