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Lesson #4: When Commas should NOT be used
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Yes, I have a diploma! There are six lessons to Winnie's Comma Sense Class. Some of them I cannot show... because I have the rules shown on them to make me understand why a comma should be there and why it shouldn't be.
~These are Winnie's rules and hers alone that she uses in class.~


1. Leah began drawing a horse with spots, [1] and her friend decided to draw a giraffe.

2. Unless it's raining cats and dogs, [2] our picnic will stay scheduled at the park on Saturday.

3. My dog is a loyal, [3] protective German Shepherd.

4. I make different-colored [4] popcorn balls for Christmas.

5. Leah,[5] who hates homework, [5] surprisingly, [15] does really well in all her subjects.

6. Joe Biden [6] at the vice-presidential debates [6] smiled and laughed a lot.

7. The wind [7] that became unbearably strong along the coastline [7] destroyed many beach homes.

8. Gettysburg has many haunting tales of the Jenny Wade House, [8] East Cemetery Hill, [8] and "The Grove.

9. As a popular and well respected president, [9] Abraham Lincoln led the Union to victory in the Civil War and emancipated the South's African-American slaves.

10. Gail saw her daughter [10] riding the Palomino around the corral.

11. Growing up, a gory Halloween costume or a haunted house could scare the daylights out of me. However, [11] I sometimes wondered if it wasn't my over-active imagination at play here.
11. I love to write children's stories that teach a lesson. So [11x] I plan ahead on what would be a great learning experience that would help them in life.

12. Oh my goodness, [12] there are a pack of coyotes near the sheep.

13. I was reminded to bring my pumpkin pie [13] before I come over for Thanksgiving dinner.

14. Remarkably, [14] I didn't get squeamish at the beginning scene of "Ghost Ship."

15. Leah enthusiastically [15] did her homework before going outside to play.

16. Halloween two weeks away, [16] the children had fun playing in a pile of leaves.

17. I, [17x] too, [17x] love watching the parade as it passes by.

18. Janice spread out the tablecloth [18] and placed the plates in their rightful positions.

19. Writing and learning about commas on WDC [19] has improved my whole outlook on bettering myself.

20. My decision was to drive through the night, [20] I cannot wait to reach home. WRONG
20. My decision was to drive through the night; I cannot wait to reach home.

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