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by Taree
Rated: E · Poetry · Family · #1897998
Well, what you call a life without someone else in it?
What you call a sky without colors?
What you call a day without the sun?
What you call a night without the moon?
What you call the sky without anything?
Well, what you call a life without someone else in it?

Life is like the sky...
There are other things beside the sky itself...
In life,
Sometimes we just don’t care about others but ourselves
And nothing is more important than us.
But, have you ever thought that life is nothing without others?

Imagine if you were all alone in this big world, facing all of your problems by yourself and no one’s there to support you.

Imagine you were standing on a cold endless road where no one’s there since nobody cares about you and everyone became strangers to you.

Would that be fun?
Would that be perfect?
Would that be scary? Incomplete? A hell?

Now, imagine you were in a room, not a really big room but a warm room full of people you love and you hold so dear. They were laughing, singing, dancing, telling jokes, sharing, and anything else that would make you treasure every moment you spend with them.

Imagine a beautiful house with all of your family in it. Maybe you have your own too inside and living together in harmony surrounded by both happiness and grace. Parents were talking while drinking cups of tea, youngsters having fun and kids running around the house.
Can you picture something better?

The sky is not itself when nothing on it.
The same thing goes in our lives.
Life is not a life without someone else to share with.
Am I right?
Or not?

Well, you decide...

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