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by Taree
Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Romance/Love · #1898000
This one I wrote together with my friend, Christy..
The little girl in red
Walks down the town
Paints it red
Dancing while humming
Silently trapping...

The lonely guy in black
Wandering the back alley
Tapping between bricks
Whistle meeting tricks

She caught one.
One pair of blue eyes.
Sincere ones.
A fool looking for love

Red shadow touched
a glimpse of forbidden apple
A heart surrendered
Inhale the temptation
Prancing, in sin

The little girl is long gone.
Now standing a temptation
Blood red lips inviting
Offering a paradise to taste

The hopeless figure cried in pain
Fighting to hold, ended in vain
Sweet breath
Weary feet trembling
Kneeling to that paradise of love

The world's forgotten.
They moaned in satisfaction
By a one night lust

Breathing in rhythm,
Screaming pleasure.
Passion over sweat,
Covered the pressure down under

Caged in sin
Fallen deeper than hell
Yet, they would never stop
as lust still linger around

Their bodies danced
The silhouettes are thirsty for more
Touching the very peak, they grasp
Weight over weight, skin over skin

Yearning for warmth
Longing for touches
Frozen by the fire,
They slightly changed.

Body may have touched
But have the hearts been chained?
Does the excitement speak
only for erotic tides?

Is it really a love?
Or is it only a lust driving them crazy?

The answers lie deep within
sweet fragrance for one-night-stand.
Nobody knows whether the love grows
But the moon has witnessed the sway of lust

The sin they have committed.
The darkness they have embraced.
Though they are blinded,
It is true that two hearts have found
each and every piece.

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