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    Just then, I saw a man that looked exactly like the man we had met this morning, only even more mysterious-looking.  His eyes seemed to shift back and forth as if making sure no one was following him, then quickly darted into a nearby alley.
    "Marshall!" I gasped in a hushed tone, "I think I just saw the neighbor!"
    "Yeah, and?" he asked, still involved in conversation with Jacob and Catherine.
    "I'm serious!  Shouldn't he still be working?  It's only been an hour since we saw him at the cabin!"
    "Are you sure it was him?" Marshall asked, doubtful.
    "Yes!  And he was acting very shifty!  He just disappeared into that alley."  Marshall glanced toward the alley, then looked over at the other two.
    "Okay, we'll take a look but I don't think anything is going to be there.  This isn't the movies, you know."  So we all walked toward the alley to investigate.
    When we got to the alley, there was no one in sight.  All we saw was a few overflowing trash cans.  We were about to turn back until we heard a faint groan.  Then, suddenly, what we thought was a big black bag of trash began to move.

This is an excerpt from my novella entitled:  "A Copake Lake Mystery:  A Change of Pace"  It is available on Amazon.com and through my website www.samantellbooks.webs.com.
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